Dimplex Heater Accessories

Dimplex heater accessories enhance your heating experience. Accessories include surface mounts for heaters as well as remote controls for electric fireplaces and thermostats. Browse HomElectrical’s selection of Dimplex heater accessories to improve your devices today!

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What are the benefits of a remote-controlled electric fireplace?

A remote control allows you to alter the visual and heating functions of your electric fireplace at a distance. Dimplex electric fireplaces have different flame and heat settings, and a remote control kit will allow you to transform your fireplace for the perfect atmosphere. Whether you want faux flames with or without heat, a Dimplex remote control kit can make this transition as simple as pushing a button.

Dimplex remote controls are even strong enough to go through walls, so you can alter the fireplace settings from nearly any room.

What are the benefits of a remote-controlled thermostat?

Dimplex wall-mounted remote thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature in your home or business with ease. Wireless remote controls can help you find the perfect temperature setting without getting up to change it manually. For instance, if you are cold, you won’t have to get out of bed or move off your warm couch; you can simply use the remote to ensure your comfort.
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