Dimplex Electric Outdoor/Patio Heaters

Looking to enjoy your patio in the fall and winter? Stay warm with a Dimplex outdoor/patio heater and continue enjoying your outdoor living space while temperatures drop. Shop at HomElectrical for infrared heaters at competitive prices!

What are outdoor/patio heaters?

Dimplex outdoor/patio heaters function as infrared heaters built for outdoor and indoor living spaces. Infrared heating works by radiating a precise beam of heat. It saves energy in that it does not heat the surrounding air, but instead heats a specific area such as outdoor seating.

What features do Dimplex electric outdoor/patio heaters offer?

Patio heaters mount directly to the surface or wall. Each model requires hardwiring and offers multiple heat settings adjustable to your comfort level. Surface mount brackets come with each model.

Dimplex outdoor heaters are IP65 rated, meaning dust-, debris-, and waterproof. They are also corrosion resistant.

Check out Dimplex's in-depth videos featuring their infrared heaters:

Dimplex DSH Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Heater

Dimplex DIR Series Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Heater

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