Dimplex Wall Heaters

Need a powerful heater to stay warm when it’s cold outside? Dimplex wall heaters provide fan-forced air with high output to keep you comfy. Check out HomElectrical’s selection of Dimplex wall heaters at affordable prices!

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What are the advantages of a wall heater?

Dimplex electric wall heaters quickly produce fan-forced air at a high output. Wall forced air heaters do not take up much space in a room as they mount to the surface or in a recess. Ideal for heating smaller spaces, like a small living space or office, Dimplex wall heaters work as a standalone unit that hardwire into existing electrical wires requiring no duct work.

Should I use a baseboard heater or a wall heater?

The type of heater you need depends on multiple factors. Both baseboard and wall heaters have their strengths and weaknesses.

Electric baseboard heaters:
  • Require less wall space
  • Can plug into an outlet
  • Take approximately 30 to 60 minutes to warm a room
  • Place better in spaces with more windows

Electric wall heaters:

  • Require more wall space
  • Hardwire into existing electrical wiring
  • Mount or recess into walls or ceilings
  • Quickly warm spaces
  • Place better in spaces with more wall space

For more information about baseboard heaters versus wall heaters check out our blog.

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