Safco has been a manufacturer for almost fifty years long. Their stackable chairs, truck lifts, shelves, utility carts, and more are designed so that you can have a reliable and comfortable piece of equipment that can be easily stored then reused. Discover our collection of Safco products at HomElectrical today!

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What are Safco furniture products?

First there are Safco stackable chairs. These chairs are designed so that whoever is sitting in them will have comfortable back and seat support. Safco chairs are made from high-impact polypropylene and have a tubular steel frame for a sturdy construction.

Safco shelving is another product that they offer. These shelves are made from wood and have a steel frame. Safco shelves don't require any tools for their assembly.

What other accessories does Safco have?

Safco stow and go carts are a type of truck cart that is designed for easy transportation and accessibility. These tools are able to fold and be stored after they have been finished being used.

Safco utility carts appear like portable shelves. They are carts with two shelves and wheels on their bottom. They are able to hold and transport a variety of materials from one place to another.

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