The Relton Corporation has been open since 1946 now marking their 72 years of business. They originally started off as a termite drill company and have now become one the broadest suppliers of hammers, rotary bits, and hole saws. But like with any tool one of the most important things is the maintenance. Their rapid tap metal cutting fluid is designed to be both environmentally friendly and effective at maintaining your equipment and cutting tools.

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What is Relton Rapid Tap Metal Cutting Fluid?

  • This fluid will prolong the life expectancy of the tool that it is applied to
  • Gives a fine finish both during its operation and after
  • Provides anti-mist protection for a safer work place
  • Does not contain any o-zone depleting chemicals
  • Will work great on tough materials

What did Relton originally develop?

Relton was originally a termite drill company that set the industry standard with their first product a multiple-carbide, core-style, rotary masonry drill bit.

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