Heat your home in comfort and style with electric fireplaces from Amantii! For over ten years, Amantii has provided fireplaces whose models and styles function as a culmination of nearly four decades of industry experience. Find wall mount, free standing, remote control, built-in electric fireplace options, and more! For a customizable color display, they use Amantii’s FIRE & ICE flame presentation. Browse HomElectrical to find quality Amantii electric fireplaces and accessories!

Amantii Freestand Series Fireplace

Explore the Freestand series of fireplaces to find quality electric fireplaces that require no venting or built-in installation.

Amantii Zero Clearance Fireplace

Explore the Zero Clearance Fireplace series to find a stylish selection of fireplaces that frame directly into the wall.

Amantii Wall-Mount/Flush-Mount Series Fireplace

Shop a variety of stylish wall mount and flush mount fireplaces which work well in spaces where you cannot renovate or when construction is not an option.

Amantii TRD Series Fireplace

The TRD series offers timeless and elegant fireplaces that can transform your home or business.

Amantii Symmetry Series Fireplace

The Symmetry series features a clean face design with no visible venting and includes the Symmetry Xtra Slim, Bespoke, and Bespoke Extra Tall models.

Amantii Panorama Series Fireplace

The Panorama series features stylish indoor and outdoor fireplaces that come in Slim, Extra Slim, Deep, and Extra Tall models for a stunning addition to a home or business.

Amantii Tru-View Series Fireplace

The Tru-View series offers electric fireplaces with their own unique styles, like their Tru-View Slim, XL Extra Tall, XL Deep, and 2939 XL options.

Amantii Cast Iron Stove

Keep you and your loved ones warm with electric or wood-burning cast iron stove heaters!

Amantii Electric Fireplace Accessories

Find electric fireplace accessory options including high temperature touch up paint, weather covers, surrounds, trims, and more.

Amantii Electric Fireplace

Discover quality electric fireplaces that feature a realistic flame, remote control options, and stylish appearance.

Amantii Decorative Media

Enhance the appearance of your fireplace with decorative media like stylish fire glass options, log sets, and media kits.

What are the benefits of an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces offer a variety of benefits over wood burning and gas fireplaces. They don’t run the risk of a carbon monoxide leak and don’t create a mess. They also require little maintenance in comparison to wood-burning fireplaces. You won’t have to spend time cleaning up ash and you can skip hauling in wood from outside. Electric units often need the glass wiped down and may need a light bulb changed occasionally.

Gas fireplaces tend to cost more initially. And, since they typically connect to a gas line, they require proper installation to safely ventilate outside. If not properly ventilated, they can pose a risk of trapping carbon monoxide, which, in some cases, can be lethal. Since electric fireplaces use a heating element and flame effect instead of real flames, they avoid the risk of carbon monoxide.

They offer other benefits as well, including:

Cost-effective - compared to a brand-new gas or wood-burning option, electric fireplaces offer a cheaper alternative. Wood-burning fireplaces require expensive masonry as well as major construction. In addition to the cost of the unit, natural gas units require the added expense of a gas hookup. The cost of an electric unit usually runs cheaper and, depending on the type, may simply plug into the right outlet!

Realistic flame effect - instead of the heat and safety risk of a real flame, they provide the appearance of one instead. Amantii’s FIRE & ICE flame sets offer a choice in flame colors, including rose, violet, yellow, and orange flames.

Year-round use - many electric fireplaces allow you to turn the heat off but keep the flames on. That way, you can still enjoy the ambiance of the fire even when the weather gets warmer.

Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

Electric fireplaces use around the same amount of electricity as a household space heater. Most electric fireplaces use around 1500W of power, though some may use more or less.

Can electric fireplaces heat a room?

Though some electric fireplaces offer only a decorative purpose with no heat output, most electric fireplaces can provide heat to a room or zone. The heater should state the size of the space they can heat. For example, this 26-inch model can heat up to 400 square feet. The heater located at the top of the unit allows the heat to cascade down the front of the glass.

Many of Amantii’s units offer the ability to turn the heating element on or off if needed. That way you can enjoy your fireplace with or without the warmth!

How do you turn on an Amantii fireplace?

Most of Amantii’s units allow you to turn the fireplace on or off using a remote control. Depending on the unit, the remote may also allow you to adjust the flame intensity and level of heat given off.

What fireplaces does Amantii offer?

Because they offer such a wide selection of fireplace options, Amantii fireplaces work well as a supplemental heat source. Use them in homes, businesses, offices, restaurants, new construction, and living rooms.

Their fireplaces feature their exclusive FIRE & ICE flame presentation. This flame presentation features three color LED light strips to provide a variety of multi-color flame options. While they no longer feature blue flames on units built after July 01, 2021, they offer stylish flame colors such as rose, violet, yellow, or orange.

Amantii offers units that come in many styles and inclusions, including free standing, wall mounted, fireplace inserts, and media options. Their quality fireplace options include:

Their Tru-View series features a 3-sided glass viewing area. This allows you to enjoy the appearance of the flames, flame colors, and media from almost every side. They offer slim, XL extra tall, XL deep, and their 2939 XL models.

The Freestand series do not need to install built into the wall like a traditional electric fireplace model. This allows for a much simpler installation. They offer the Cube 3-sided fireplace with a 3-sided glass viewing area. The 26-inch freestanding option requires almost no assembly. You can plug it in and enjoy the cozy ambiance.

The Zero Clearance series require almost zero inches of clearance from combustible materials. They offer two models: one with a glass surround and one with a steel surround.

The Wall Mount/Flush Mount series offers built-in flush or wall-mounted installation with included brackets. Their wall mounted or built-in electric fireplaces come with either a glass front or steel front.

The TRD series also referred to as the Traditional series, combines a timeless and elegant style with exceptional quality. Find models ranging from Traditional to Bespoke and Xtraslim. The Bespoke model includes a speaker while the Xtraslim models offer an extra slim design.

The Symmetry series features a true clean face display unencumbered by the unsightly appearance of venting. They offer the Xtra Slim models with a slender depth of 4.125 inches. Their Xtra Tall model features an 18-inch glass viewing area. Their Bespoke model includes a remote and you can control it using a Wi-Fi app. The Bespoke Xtra Tall offers an 18-inch glass viewing area as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Panorama series features a full frame viewing area and includes indoor and outdoor electric fireplaces. The Slim models offer a depth of 6.75 inches. The Xtraslim models feature a depth of 4 inches. The Panorama Deep models offer a depth of 12 inches. The Extra Tall models offer an 18 inch tall glass viewing area.

Additionally, they offer electric fireplace inserts.


For gas fireplace options, please visit their sister company Sierra Flame.

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