Amantii Fireplace

Heat your home in comfort and style with electric fireplaces from Amantii! Discover a selection of wall mount, free standing, remote control, and many more gas and electric fireplace options. You can also find fireplaces and fireplace inserts that use a black steel surround, TV stand accessories, and Amantii’s stylish Fire & Ice flame presentation for customizable color display options. Shop HomElectrical to replace your existing fireplace with a stylish electric fireplace from Amantii!
Amantii Fireplace

Amantii Cast Iron Stove

Keep you and your loved ones warm with electric or wood-burning cast iron stove heaters from Amantii!

Amantii Electric Fireplace Accessories

Find Amantii electric fireplace accessory options including high temperature touch up paint, weather covers, surrounds, trims, and more.

Amantii Electric Fireplace

Choose Amantii Electric Fireplaces to find options that feature a realistic flame, remote control options, and stylish appearance.

Amantii Decorative Media

Enhance the appearance of your fireplace with Amantii's decorative media, including fire glass, log sets, and decorative media kits.

What are the differences between gas and electric fireplaces?

Besides their fuel types, a few differences exist between gas and electric fireplaces. While both stylish options, gas fireplaces use a real flame to provide heat while electric uses a heating element with the appearance of a flame.

Gas fireplaces tend to cost more initially and, since they typically connect to a gas line, they require proper installation to safely ventilate outside. If not properly ventilated, they can pose a risk of carbon monoxide. Since electric fireplaces use a heating element instead of real flames, they avoid the risk of carbon monoxide.

Why use a cast iron stove?

Often used in years past to burn coal or wood for warmth, cast iron stoves continue making a more energy efficient comeback. Amantii offers their wood-burning W76 model cast iron stove which features an efficient operation, low emissions, and maximum viewing area.

Amantii also offers a few free-standing electric cast iron stove options to heat indoor locations. Their E50 and E70 electric cast iron stoves uses two flame sets, on demand heat with two heat settings, and a canopy light in thirteen color themes to create the illusion of a real fire. Their state-of-the-art fire and ice flame set allows you to change the colors from traditional orange to rose, purple, violet, and icy blue for more customizability.

Why choose Amantii?

For over ten years, Amantii, and their sister company Sierra Flame, provide fireplace options whose models and styles function as a culmination of nearly four decades of industry experience. Because they offer such a wide selection of fireplace options, Amantii fireplaces work well as a supplemental heat source in a wide variety of locations including homes, businesses, offices, restaurants, new construction, and other similar areas.

Their fireplaces come in many styles and inclusions. Their Tru-View series features slim, extra tall, XL deep, and the Cube fireplaces which work as indoor/outdoor electric fireplaces. Their Panorama series features slim, deep, and extra tall options for maximum flexibility. They offer the Symmetry series which features the following options:

  • Symmetry – offers a choice of two flame patterns, a traditional diffused flame appearance and new realistic flame style.
  • Symmetry XT series - an extra tall Symmetry model with their largest glass viewing area yet.
  • Symmetry Bespoke – combines classic forms with modern interpretation. The Bespoke model features WiFi integrated options while some can also connect to Bluetooth!
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