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Keep your Amantii electric fireplace in top shape with Amantii electric fireplace accessories! You can find a wide variety of accessories to complete your electric fireplace, including high temperature touch up paint, weather covers, fireplace surrounds, trim options, and more. Find the perfect Amantii electric fireplace accessory options at HomElectrical!

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What is a fireplace surround?

Fireplace surrounds help turn the fireplace into a decorative focal point in a room. The surround acts as a decorative frame and comprises the entire piece that goes around the fireplace. The fireplace surround can come in many color options to add a decorative flare to the outside of your fireplace or to match the surrounding décor. Fireplace surrounds commonly refer to the mantelpiece and side supports but, in some instances, may also include the hearth.

The mantel commonly refers to the shelf found above a fireplace but may also reference the top of the surround. The side supports, or legs, refer to the sides of the surround. These also help create a barrier between the sides of the fireplace and the room. Depending on the type, the surround may or may not include the fireplace hearth. The hearth refers to the brick, stone, or cement floor in front of a fireplace. You can often find a hearth included with wood-burning fireplaces as they help protect the floor from sparks or embers.

A fireplace trim helps improve the appearance of the fireplace in a similar way to the fireplace surrounds. However, fireplace trims often offer a thinner width and often see use with built-in, prefabricated fireplaces.

What is high temperature paint?

High temperature paint resists chipping and scratching even when exposed to high temperatures. Amantii offers Stove Bright High Temperature Touch-Up paint whose silicon formula provides excellent color retention even with extended exposure to 1200-degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

Amantii offers high temperature paint options available in metallic black and satin black.

What is an electric fireplace weather cover?

An electric fireplace weather cover, or outdoor cover, protects your fireplace from the elements. Amantii offers weather covers for use with their Panorama series. These fireplaces require the specified weather cover if you plan on using them outdoors. The cover protects the fireplace when not in use.

This weather cover from Amantii is sold separately.

What is a zero-clearance fireplace?

A zero-clearance fireplace means the fireplace needs zero (or very close to zero) inches of distance from combustible materials around it. Combustible materials refer to any material or surface that can burn, such as wood framing, wood flooring, or plywood paneling, and other combustibles. Because of this, zero-clearance fireplaces can install almost anywhere. However, they still require proper venting which may limit where you can install them.

Amantii advises you to refer to the product manual to verify measurements and clearance requirements when choosing one of their fireplaces. Additionally, consult local codes and code enforcement to make sure the type of fireplace you choose can work in your area.

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