Amantii Freestand Series Fireplace

Save on fireplace installation costs by opting for a free-standing fireplace! Amantii’s Freestand Series offers a wide selection of free standing electric fireplaces and electric stoves to warm up spaces without a built-in fireplace. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect freestanding fireplace today!

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What is a freestanding fireplace?

A freestanding fireplace has no need to be built into the wall like traditional fireplaces or fireplace inserts. Freestanding fireplaces have a much simpler and cheaper installation process than a built-in fireplace. When it comes to installation and maintenance, a freestanding electric fireplace heater offers the easiest solution. Unlike a wood or gas fireplace, they require no venting or connection to a gas line.

What does Amantii offer in the Freestand Series?

Amantii’s Freestand Series offers many models of fireplaces and stoves to turn your living room or any other space into a comfort zone. They offer everything from a stand-alone to a space-saving wall-mount electric fireplace.

The Cube 3-sided electric fireplace offers a 3 sided glass viewing area and heats up to 400 square feet. Installation options include wall mounted, pedestal base, and speaker base. The Cube works for both indoor and outdoor use. The pedestal base and speaker base work indoors only.

The 26-in freestanding electric fireplace requires almost no assembly. Simply plug it in and enjoy! It requires no installation boundaries, mounting brackets, or building into a wall. It also includes a remote control and temperature maintenance control. This creates a cozy ambience.

The Freestanding Cast Iron Electric Stove comes in 50-in and 70-in options. Unlike a wood stove, the flame operates even without heat. With no assembly required and no need for mounting brackets or building into a wall, this stove can go into any room.

Disclaimer: Blue Flames

Blue flame lights will no longer be available on units built after July 01, 2021. Instead, the blue light has been replaced by a bright yellow, orange, and red light combination to offer a more realistic flame effect. Amantii reserves the right to modify and upgrade products at any time without prior notice.

General disclaimer:

Flames and flame colors may appear differently in real life than on the website. Amantii recommends you reserve the product manual to verify measurements and clearance requirements. They reserve the right to update products, specifications, and dimensions. Additionally, you must follow all local building codes.

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