Amantii Tru-View Series Fireplace

Warm your indoor or outdoor spaces with innovative electric fireplaces from Amantii’s Tru-View series! Their Tru-View electric fireplaces come in four different style options, each with their own unique benefits. The Slim series features a depth of less than four inches while their XL Extra Tall series reaches new heights with a 22 inch viewing area. They also offer the 2939 XL with a modern appearance. Find a stylish collection of Amantii’s Tru-View series at HomElectrical!

What features does the Amantii Tru-View series offer?

The Amantii Tru-View fireplace series features a 3-sided glass viewing area so you can enjoy the stylish appearance of the decorative media, flames, and flame colors from almost any side. These fireplaces use Amantii’s exclusive FIRE and ICE flame presentation which allows users to choose different flame colors, such as rose, violet, orange, and yellow.

Amantii gives the following disclaimer: blue flames no longer appear on units built after July 01, 2021. Instead of blue flame lights, they provide a bright yellow, orange, and red light combination to offer the most accurate representation of real life flames! Additionally, they may update products’ specifications and dimensions so we recommend you reserve the product manual to verify measurements and clearance requirements. Please follow local building codes. Lastly, Amantii states they reserve the right to modify and upgrade their product at any time without prior notice.

What options are there?

This series features a few distinct options: the Slim, XL Extra Tall, XL Deep, and the 2939 XL.

  • Slim - Amantii Tru-View Slim models feature a depth of less than 4 inches and come in five size options: 30-, 40-, 50-, 60-, and 72-inch options. These units install into a 2 x 4” wall and work best where wall space is limited. Their Slim options, like this 30-in fireplace, work well in apartments, outdoor spaces, and new construction or renovations.
  • XL Extra Tall - the XL Extra Tall, or XT-XL, models offer a 22-in tall viewing area, 6 inches taller than their other Tru-View models! The XL Extra Tall options also offer a deep media tray and come standard with a 15 piece log set, ICE media, pebbles, stones, black glass and vermiculite embers to allow you to customize the look of your fireplace.
  • XL Deep - the XL Deep models boast a depth of 14.25-inches. These models make a bold and elegant statement that’s perfect for any space, inside or out. They offer a built-in design only and are intended for finishing materials to build flush to the lip for a clean face finish. For a versatile and stunning presentation, these models offer four installation options: 3-side open, left side open, right side open, and both sides closed.
  • 2939 XL - modern and alluring, the contemporary 2939 XL features a stunningly modern appearance. Resembling the Cube freestand unit, the 2939 XL installs as a contemporary corner electric fireplace and can work in indoor areas, like bathrooms, and outdoor covered locations.

Where do you use the Amantii Tru-View series?

You can use Amantii’s Tru-View series in a variety of applications, inside and out, including bathrooms. Their ideal locations depend on the individual unit, but may include:

  • Residential spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Patios
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Commercial locations
  • New construction and renovations
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