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Add warmth and ambiance to your space with a fireplace from Amantii! Amantii offers a wide variety of electric fireplaces, including options that feature a realistic flame, wall mounted electric fireplace options, remote control options, and much more. Amantii’s electric fireplaces offer a great alternative to wood or gas fireplace inserts or fireplaces. Choose comfort and style when you choose an electric fireplace from Amantii!

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What is an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces offer the appearance of a traditional fireplace without the flame or smoke. An electric fireplace draws in cool air and, using a heating coil, warm the air internally. They then gently force that warm air back into the room using a fan. Because of this, electric fireplaces mimic the heat and appearance of a flame without the same safety hazards as a gas or wood-burning fireplace.

Additionally, many electric fireplaces offer flame technology that offer the appearance of the flame without the heat so you can continue to use it all year long.

What is the difference between a fireplace insert and a fireplace?

Fireplace inserts differ from fireplaces. Fireplaces consist of the entire structure, typically designed using masonry such as brick, stone, or metal.

A fireplace insert, however, functions as a self-contained unit. This means you can find a model with required components already included. Where a fireplace exists to safely contain a fire, an insert can install into existing masonry like an existing fireplace or firebox. If the fuel type requires it, they may require exterior venting. Fireplace inserts also typically feature a trim that can cover leftover gaps or spaces around the unit.

Fireplace inserts work well when you already own an existing fireplace. They offer a less expensive renovation or replacement option.

What is the difference between a gas and electric fireplace?

Gas, electric, and wood-burning fireplaces differ in the type of fuel they use to provide heat. Gas and wood-burning fireplaces provide heat using a real fire. Electric fireplaces provide heat and realistic flame effects but do not use real fire.

Additionally, electric fireplaces stay cooler to the touch than gas or wood-burning fireplaces.

Why choose Amantii electric fireplaces?

Amantii offers a wide variety of electric fireplace options to suit what you need. You can find size options ranging from around 26 inches up to around 100 inches in length. Additionally, each series of heaters comes with decorative media, like a decorative fireglass or ember bed. Find more electric fireplace options, including:

  • Fire & Ice flame presentation that allows users to choose different color options
  • 3- and 4-sided options
  • Fireplaces rated for outdoor use
  • Options that can operate the flame without the heat for use all year long
  • Remote control options
  • Media beds
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