Sierra Flame Fireplace

Sierra Flame aims to provide a quality selection of fireplaces. For over a decade, they’ve crafted contemporary and innovative designs for use in homes, offices, restaurants, and more. They offer a convenient and reliable operation. Their versatile options also include decorative media so you can add style to your fireplace. For additional convenience, many options can start with just the click of a remote control. Find a superior and high quality product from Sierra Flame available at HomElectrical!
Sierra Flame Fireplace

Sierra Flame Cast Iron Stove

Choose a cast iron stove to add a touch of style while warming your home!

Sierra Flame Decorative Media

Discover decorative media kits, including pebble kits and ceramic stone kits, to add an artistic touch to your fireplace.

Sierra Flame Gas Fireplace Accessories

Discover the accessories you need for your gas fireplace including surrounds, termination kits, conversion kits, and more for your convenience.

Sierra Flame Gas Fireplace

Choose from a selection of quality gas fireplaces, included see-through, direct vent, liquid propane, and natural gas fireplace options.

Why choose gas over wood-burning?

Wood-burning fireplaces require quite a bit of care and maintenance. Gas fireplaces offer an easier way to keep your space warm and cozy. They also offer an easy-to-use operation. Unlike wood-burning options, which require you to store and stack wood, gas fireplaces require no wood storage and often start with the push of a button or flick of a switch. They can turn off just as easily, dying out the minute they’re turned off. They typically begin to cool off while wood-burning models need time to burn out before you’re left with hot embers.

Wood-burning fireplaces also need ashes and soot regularly cleared out and the chimney cleaned of creosote buildup to avoid a fire hazard. While gas models require less maintenance than their wood-burning counterparts, they still require regular glass cleaning and an annual check by a professional. Additionally, they offer different venting options to fit your needs. You can find direct vent, B-vent, or vent-free options:

  • B-Vent - use air inside the room for combustion. Vent emissions outdoors using a single pipe.
  • Direct Vent - uses outside air for combustion. Uses a double vent pipe where the outer chamber pulls in fresh air and the inner chamber exhausts combustion fumes. Offers an energy efficient option.
  • Vent-Free - do not require venting. Because of this, most of the heat they generate remains in the room. However, this also means any emissions produced stay in the room as well. Check local codes to determine if you can use this type of fireplace in your area. They may not be allowed in all locations or must meet certain requirements to operate.

Lastly, when using a gas or wood-burning fireplace, make sure to use a working carbon monoxide detector in case of a gas leak, smoke, or CO buildup.

What is a gas fireplace insert?

Gas fireplace inserts allow you to retrofit your traditional wood-burning fireplace into an efficient gas unit without much hassle. Unlike fireplaces, gas inserts require installation with an existing masonry wood-burning fireplace. These inserts use the existing chimney to support the unit’s ventilation and to hold the unit.

The insert consists of a metal box surrounded by a larger metal box. The insert then heats the air between the two boxes and emanates that heat from the firebox.

What is a cast iron stove?

The construction of a cast iron stove consists of iron mixed with carbon and offer a traditional, often decorative, appearance. Modern cast iron stoves can come in a variety of fuel options, including electric and wood-burning options. Though it takes a bit of time to heat up, cast iron retains heat for a long time. This allows the stove to still supply warmth even after the fire has gone out. Additionally, because of its durability, cast iron resists warping or bending, which allows the stove to last for a long time.

Why choose Sierra Flame?

The Sierra Flame and Amantii brands are the culmination of nearly four decades of experience in the fireplace and heating industry. Sierra Flame provides contemporary and innovative gas fireplaces manufactured with the highest quality parts. From the smallest component to the large body and stainless-steel burner, Sierra Flame manufactures their fireplaces with care. Their products go through a series of tests to ensure a safe and high-quality product. All units are thoroughly inspected.

Each Sierra Flame gas fireplace offers their own benefits. Some features you may find include:

  • Black porcelain panels included on many units
  • Options that include a remote control
  • Decorative media
  • Certain fireplaces that include a modulating valve
  • Units that allow for a clean face design
  • And more!

Not all fireplaces include the same features. Shop through Sierra Flame's selection to find the one that works best for you! For electric fireplace options, check out Sierra Flame's sister company, Amantii.

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