Sierra Flame Cast Iron Stove

A cast iron stove adds a cozy ambiance to your home while also keeping you and your loved ones warm. Sierra Flame by Amantii offers a stylish wood-burning cast iron stove fireplace option. Shop HomElectrical to find a selection of Sierra Flame cast iron stove heaters!

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What is a cast iron stove?

Cast iron electric stoves offer a traditional, decorative appearance that resembles a classic wood-burning stove. They consist of a cast iron construction. Cast iron stoves retain heat well, which means that they still emit heat even after the fire goes out.

Wood-burning cast iron stoves require ventilation to avoid a carbon monoxide buildup. They also require proper floor protection and clearance when installing them. Sierra Flame offers free-standing cast-iron electric stoves which avoid carbon monoxide risks.

Why choose Sierra Flame cast iron stoves?

Sierra Flame offers an efficient cast iron stove heater that features a real cast iron construction. Their Lynwood W-76 cast iron wood burning stove features a beveled glass viewing area. This viewing area provides a nearly ‘see-thru’ effect on three sides for maximum viewing. This wood-burning stove was EPA 2020 certified so it can provide warmth without compromising air quality.

The Lynwood-W76 wood-burning stove offers a recommended heating area of 450 to 2,000 square feet and requires proper ventilation. Additionally, you can find a heat shield that works with a cast iron wood-burning stove. Sierra Flame advises that product dimensions are subject to change and that you should refer to the product manual to verify measurements and clearance requirements. Lastly, they advise that all local building codes must be followed.

Looking for an electric cast iron stove option? Sierra Flame’s sister company, Amantii, offers two electric cast iron fireplace options, their E50 and E70 fireplace options. Check out Amantii to view the options for their flames and flame colors.

What is a free-standing fireplace?

Free-standing fireplaces can stand on their own without needing to install into a wall or fireplace. They also add a distinct and unique décor to the space. However, gas or wood-burning stoves still require a way to safely vent exhaust. So, while they don't require installation into a wall or fireplace, they still require some specified installation. Electric offers no exhaust or emissions as they typically use a heating element or coil to supply heat instead of using a combustion process. This means free-standing electric fireplaces offer a versatile and stylish supplemental home heating option!

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