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Turn your gas fireplace into a decorative and stylish focal point with Sierra Flame's decorative media. Sierra Flame offers pebble kits, ceramic stone kits, and glass kits to keep your fireplace looking sleek and sophisticated. Discover more decorative media options from Sierra Flame at HomElectrical.

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What is gas fireplace decorative media?

Decorative media is a beautiful addition to a gas or electric fireplace. They turn your fireplace into an expressive work of art and adds a distinctly modern touch. These often come in the form of log sets or fireplace stone kits. Sierra Flame offers fireplace stone kits including pebble kits and ceramic stones that resemble the appearance of real stones. Certain media, like this river pebble kit, work with a media tray only.

Gas fireplaces often require you to arrange media in a certain way as it may create a safety hazard if placed improperly. When arranging decorative media, consult the owner's manual or a professional.

Looking for decorative media for electric fireplaces? You can find decorative fire glass media, log sets, and more here.

Does decorative media work with all gas fireplaces?

Not every type of media works compatibly with every gas fireplace. Certain gas fireplaces require certain types of media and may require media arranged in a specific way. For instance, gas logs or log sets may work along with a burner for proper flame placement. If placed incorrectly, they can pose a safety risk or reduce the appearance of the flame. Because they work compatibly, you cannot usually swap these log sets out for generic options.

While they may look similar, not all gems or stones that you find in stores work with fireplaces unless designated as fireplace media. If not designed for heat, they can melt or pose a safety hazard. Decorative media should be used for fireplaces and should only see use with compatible fireplaces.

Additionally, outdoor fireplace kits may need different decorative media that must meet different requirements than indoor fireplaces. Because this media may get wet, make sure that decorative media for outdoor fireplaces or firepits have dried before using the unit. This helps keep your outdoor spaces, like an outdoor living space, comfortable and safe.

Why choose Sierra Flame?

Sierra Flame offers a selection of gas fireplaces as well as electric and wood-burning stove options. Known for their cutting edge products, Sierra Flame and their sister company Amantii focus on fresh and current styles. Amantii offers electric fireplaces that use their FIRE & ICE flame presentation whose flames and flame colors offer versatility and the appearance of a flame without the hassle of a real life fire. Sierra Flame offers convenient and easy-to-use gas fireplaces designed for use anywhere with a gas hookup. This means you can conveniently place them in a home, office, business, commercial setting, and many other locations.

Because Sierra Flame's products' specifications and dimensions are subject to change, they recommend you reserve the product manual to verify measurements and clearance requirements for your gas fireplace. Additionally, they advise that all local building codes must be followed.

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