Amantii Panorama Series Fireplace

Amantii’s Panorama series offers flexibility with a variety of fireplace options. This series includes the Amantii Panorama Extra Slim, Deep, Slim, and Extra Tall models. Each model offers distinct features, like a slim depth or extra tall viewing area. Find a fireplace that is perfect for any space in your home, business, or commercial setting when you shop Amantii at HomElectrical!

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What are the features of the Panorama series?

The Panorama series, built by Amantii, is a stylish series that features indoor and outdoor rated electric fireplaces. These fireplaces come in a variety of length and depth options and feature a full frame viewing area. The Panorama series allows you to install the fireplace with your choice of finishing materials. You can build these finish materials right up to the glass for a clean face finish or use the supplied black metal surround.

Amantii’s electric fireplaces use their vibrant, multi colored, state-of-the-art FIRE & ICE flame presentation with three color LED light strips. These light strips allow for multicolor flame options. Switch the flame from red to orange to yellow with just the click of a remote.

What are the Panorama series models?

The Panorama series includes the following stylish electric fireplace models:

Panorama Slim - features a 6.75-in depth. These models work well in new construction or in renovation projects. They come in 40-, 50-, and 88-inch lengths. They include large glass pieces, blue diamond fire glass media, and a black steel surround.

Panorama Extra Slim - features a 4-inch depth with an opening height of 11-7/8. They're perfectly suited to installations where wall depth requires a slimmer installation. Find an extraslim fireplace available in 30-, 40-, 50-, and 60-in length options.

Panorama Deep - offers a 12-inch depth and you can use the flame with or without the heat. These models come in 40-, 50-, and 60-inches in length. These models include large glass chunks, clear and blue diamond fire glass, an 11-piece log set, and a black steel surround.

Panorama Extra Tall - offers an 18-in viewing area, six inches taller than most other Panorama models! This model also includes a deep media tray and comes standard with large glass pieces, fire glass, an 11-piece log set, and a black steel surround.

What is the difference between the Panorama series and the Symmetry series?

While both the Panorama series and the Symmetry series offer similar models, they install in different ways. The Symmetry series offers models that can wall mount or recess into the wall. The Panorama series requires a built-in installation only.

They also come in different length options. Depending on the model, Panorama series fireplaces range from 30 inches to 88 inches. Symmetry series fireplaces may range from 34 inches to 100 inches.

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