Amantii TRD Series Fireplace

Amantii’s TRD series, features a timeless and elegant style with exceptional quality and a realistic flame effect. Find a stunning addition to any space, indoor or outdoor, with any one of the three models in this series. Shop HomElectrical to explore the TRD Series built by Amantii and transform your home, business, or commercial space today!

What is the TRD Series?

The Amantii TRD Series is unique as it combines classic form with a modern electric fireplace. This series features three different models which range from slim to deep electric fireplace options: the Traditional, Bespoke, and Xtraslim.

The Traditional model gives off a true clean appearance with heaters and vents concealed in the inner top of the unit. This also allows the heat to cascade over the glass. It gives off zero emissions when compared with gas and wood. The flames operate even without heat, allowing you to enjoy the brilliant flame year-round.

Approved for both indoor and outdoor use, the Traditional model features a state-of-the-art flame presentation with three color options that change from orange to yellow to red with a click of the remote. It comes hard wire and thermostat hard wire ready and includes two flame sets for ambient canopy lighting in 13 colors. It includes a 10-piece birch log set, two colors of real glass, and two colors of vermiculite. It comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit any space , including 26-in, 30-in, 33-in, 38-in, 44-in, and 48-in.

What is the Bespoke model?

The Bespoke Model includes many of the same features as the Traditional, but with the added benefit of a sound speaker that delivers a crackling fire sound sampled from real fires. The patented thermostatic remote allows users to set, adjust, and program the fireplace to turn on at any desired time and temperature. Use the WiFi app for complete control from any room and turn the fireplace on before arriving home or turn it on automatically when the weather gets cold.

The two mounting options include fully recessed and wall-mounted. The two flame patterns include standard and realistic. Choices for the media design kit include driftwood, birch, and rustic ICE. Sizes include 33-in, 38-in, and 44-in.

What is the XtraSlim model?

The XtraSlim model can mount or recess into any 2-in x 4-in wall and offers a clean face design with a full frame viewing area. Just like the other models, this model includes an intuitive remote to adjust settings. It offers 2 different heat settings. The slim model comes standard with Wi-Fi controls.

The decorative fire glass media kit includes clear glass diamonds, black powder coated surround, and a full feature remote control. 11 colors of lighting accent from the tray, while multicolor flame options include yellow, orange, and red with five settings in each color. The auto mode feature allows the extra slim model to operate under the ideal temperature setting. Sizes include 26-in, 30-in and 33-in.

What disclaimer information do I need to know?

Disclaimer: Blue Flames

Blue flame lights will no longer be available on units built after July 01, 2021. Instead, the blue light has been replaced by a bright yellow, orange, and red light combination to offer a more realistic flame effect. Amantii reserves the right to modify and upgrade products at any time without prior notice.

General disclaimer:

Flames and flame colors may appear differently in real life than on the website. Amantii recommends you reserve the product manual to verify measurements and clearance requirements. They reserve the right to update products, specifications, and dimensions. Additionally, you must follow all local building codes.

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