MaxLite has been committed to providing energy efficient lighting products for over 20 years and they were among the first organizations to embrace LED technology. MaxLED, a sub-brand within MaxLite offers both indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures that feature innovative LED luminaires and lamps using the latest LED technology. HomElectrical is proud to carry MaxLite's LED lights, fixtures, and accessories and offer them at competitive prices. Browse HomElectrical's full selection of MaxLite's LED products and accessories today!

MaxLite LED Downlight

Outfit new constructions or remodels with a selection of recessed, universal, commercial, faux can, and recessed can MaxLite LED downlights.

MaxLite LED Bulb

Provide energy efficient illumination to your home or business with a selection of LED bulbs, including A19, BR, corn, tube, PAR, and specialty bulbs, from MaxLite.

MaxLite LED Filament Bulb

Add unique style with energy efficient illumination to chandeliers, wall sconces, and other decorative fixtures with MaxLite LED filament bulbs.

MaxLite LED High Bay

Suit your high bay lighting needs with MaxLite’s selection of round, linear, pendant, and even hazard rated LED fixtures.

MaxLite LED Lightbar

Featuring various length options, you can add accent, cabinet, or display lighting to your home or business using a MaxLite LED lightbar.

MaxLite LED Wall Pack

Discover a selection MaxLite LED wall packs, including semi cutoff, full cutoff, security wall packs, and architectural wall packs to illuminate your outdoor areas.

MaxLite LED Exit Sign and Emergency Light

Indicate the location of exits during an emergency with MaxLite LED exit signs and emergency lights.

MaxLite Occupancy/Motion Sensor

Boost your energy savings with an occupancy or motion sensor from MaxLite.

MaxLite Accessories

Find durable Maxlite accessories for commercial lighting at!

MaxLite LED Utility Light

Uncover a selection of LED utility lights, including cooler lights and wrap lights, from MaxLite.

MaxLite LED Light Engine and Module

Uncover lighting solutions, including LED modules, linear LED strips, and round LED light engines with MaxLite’s selection of LED light engines and modules.

MaxLite LED Flat Panel

New Low Price
New Low Price
Use MaxLite LED flat panels to provide energy efficient light in homes, offices, schools, and hospitals.

MaxLite LED Linear Fixture

Illuminate schools, offices, and retail stores with a selection of LED linear fixtures, as well as strip lights, flat panels, vapor tight fixtures, and more from MaxLite.

MaxLite LED Canopy Fixture

Illuminate your outdoor areas with LED canopy fixtures and garage lights from MaxLite.

MaxLite LED Vapor Tight Light

Shop MaxLite to find a high-quality LED vapor tight light ready to stand up against tough conditions.

MaxLite LED Flood Light

Brighten residential and industrial locations with an energy efficient LED flood light from MaxLite.

MaxLite Mounting Accessories

Find the mounting accessories you need, including pole mount adaptors, tenon mounts, collar brackets, and much more from MaxLite.

MaxLite LED Driver

Power your fixtures with external power sources including LED drivers from MaxLite.

MaxLite Ceiling Light

Shop MaxLite to find a selection of flush mount ceiling fixtures to brighten kitchens, living rooms, and more in style.

MaxLite LED Retrofit Kit

Turn your fixtures, including flush mounts, flat panels, strip lights, troffers, and more into LEDs with MaxLite LED retrofit kits.

MaxLite LED Desk Lamp

Available with a USB port and six color options, find a MaxLite LED desk lamp to illuminate your desk area.

MaxLite Jelly Jar Light

Illuminate doorways, corridors, and stairwells in industrial and commercial applications with a durable MaxLite jelly jar light.

MaxLite LED Greenhouse Lights

Illuminate a greenhouse with lighting designed to help plants grow using MaxLite LED Greenhouse Lights.

MaxLite LED Vanity Lights & Wall Sconces

Illuminate your bathrooms and hallways in style with an LED vanity light and wall sconce from MaxLite.

MaxLite LED Torch Light

Available in black, white, and brushed nickel finish options, you can illuminate your home or office in style with an LED MaxLite torch light.

MaxLite LED Outdoor & Landscape Lighting

Illuminate the outdoors with a selection of LED outdoor and landscape lighting, including bollard lights, barn lights, outdoor lanterns, post top lights, and wall lights from MaxLite.

MaxLite LED Area and Security Light

Improve brightness around parking lots, roadways, warehouses and more with a selection of MaxLite LED area and security lights.

Why switch to LED?

LED bulbs are energy efficient and are brighter than both incandescent and halogen lights. 95% of the energy that LED bulbs use is converted into light, with 5% conversion to heat. Not only this, but by switching to LED bulbs, you will be saving money because the bulbs are more cost efficient and don't need to be replaced as often as incandescent or florescent bulbs.

How do I know which LED light bulbs I need for my space?

Depending on which type of fixtures you are using LED light bulbs in and the space it is lighting, there are a few different factors you want to take into consideration:

  • Color Temperature helps you determine the "shade of light" that you are wanting in you space such as a yellow-toned 3000K that is good to use for hospitality applications or a bright white light of 5000K that is similar to daylight and better suited for warehouses and commercial applications.
  • Wattage will tell you how much energy you are using with a bulb. This is important because certain fixtures can only use certain amounts of wattages, so make sure that you are not using more than you need!
  • The size of the fixture and the base is very important to choosing your LED light bulb! The most common base is an E26, but depending on the fixture or the size of the bulb, this size and type may vary! Make sure you do not just "think" it is the right bulb, but make sure you know if you are using an enclosed or open fixture and if an LED bulb is made for the fixture.

Should I use a MaxLite LED retrofit kit or replace my old fixture entirely?

Choosing to use a MaxLite LED retrofit kit instead of replacing the fixture all together would be beneficial if the current fixture has no aging, rusting, corrosion, or other problems of any kind. You may want to update your LED light if you do have any of those qualities, or if you are wanting a more updated look. Sometimes, old fixtures can be dated, and by upgrading to a new MaxLite fixture, you will be able to avoid old problems and move forward with LED lights.

What is the difference between a MaxLite LED outdoor light and a MaxLite LED wall pack?

MaxLite LED outdoor lighting is made up of many different styles of decorative fixtures for minimal and landscaping lighting needs and are mostly used for lighting smaller areas. LED outdoor and landscape lgihts are often used in gardens and entrances into buildings and homes. MaxLite LED wall packs are used for outdoor lighting, but they are used for more coverage of an area. Wall packs - slim, cutoff, and semi-cutoff - increase light output in an area and are often used in places such as parking garages, entrances, public areas, hospitals, hotels, and outdoor walkways.
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