MaxLite LED Desk Lamp

Illuminate your desk space with a fashionable and efficient LED desk lamp! MaxLite offers stylish desk lamps available in a variety of colors. Their quality lamps feature a USB port to make charging your devices easy as well. Shop HomElectrical to brighten your desk space in style with MaxLite LED desk lamps!

Why use a desk lamp?

Sometimes overhead lighting can cast shadows, or you simply need more light in one area. A desk lamp helps with that! Desk lamps provide much needed light while you’re performing tasks such as reading, writing, studying, crafts, and more. Task lamps emit a localized beam of light right where you need it, instead of trying to light up the whole room.

Additionally, they can add a touch of style or character to the room. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, they can match almost any décor.

What are lumens?

Lumens differ from wattage. While wattage measures the amount of power consumed by the bulb, lumens indicate the brightness of the bulb. Wattage used to offer a good indicator for how bright a bulb will appear, but with the rise of low wattage LEDs, it doesn’t really work anymore. Instead, look to lumens to indicate brightness. The higher the lumen count, the brighter the light will appear.

What is color temperature?

Color temperature describes the color of the white light emitted by the bulb in Kelvins (K). Common residential color temperatures range from 2700K-5000K. The lower the color temperature, the warmer and more yellow the light appears. The higher the temperature, the cooler or bluer the light appears.

Why choose MaxLite LED desk lamp fixtures?

A MaxLite LED desk lamp with USB charging port makes charging your compatible devices easy and convenient. The MaxLite desk lamp offers ideal lighting for reading and can function as a home office lamp, reading lamp, or task lamp. You can also use them as table lamps in a dorm or areas with small tabletop space.

MaxLite LED desk lamps include their ML7L series of 3.5-watt desk lamps. These lamps feature a USB 2.0 port, adjustable neck, and long-lasting LED technology. They emit a warm 3000K color temperature and come in white, black, burgundy, and green.

They also offer the ML7 series of slim 4-watt desk lamps. Similar to the ML7L series, these lamps feature a USB 2.0 port and adjustable neck. These units also feature a slim profile, on/off touch switch, high CRI, and more quality benefits. They emit a 3000K color temperature and come in white, black, blue, burgundy, green, and pink.

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