MaxLite LED Track Light

MaxLite LED Track Lighting Fixtures are an excellent solution to replace traditional, flush mount light fixtures in either your commercial or residential space. Their energy-efficient LED track light accessories will save you up to 86% on operating costs and energy bills. They are ideal for open areas such as hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, and entertaining areas. Choose from a wide selection of wattage and style options at HomElectrical.

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How do I choose which track lighting?

The type of track lighting system you need is determined by the desired lighting display for your space.

Track lighting is typically used in one of three ways:

  • Accent Lighting highlights a particular object or an item on display such as a painting in museum.
  • Wall Washing evenly spreads the light across a whole wall.
  • Wall Grazing highlights the texture in a wall.

Because the track lighting fixture can point light in virtually any direction, there are numerous lighting effects and accents that can be achieved.

What are Maxlite's advantages of using LED Technology?

Featuring longer life hours, from 25,000 to 100,000 hours, Maxlite LED technology offers a longer fixture life compared to traditional lighting options. Along with longer life, these fixtures do not have the maintenance needs of traditional lighting, which lowers the need to maintain the fixture. Also, LED chips create a brighter light that uses less energy. LED light bulbs and ceiling fixtures are highly energy efficient and will save you up to 80 percent energy compared to a standard bulb.

Where is track lighting typically used?

Track lighting is best used in homes to help homeowners spotlight artwork, furniture or add a focused light to a particular area of a room.  They are fairly easy to install and are excellent replacements for incandescent bulbs and fixtures. Learn more about track lighting here

Can you cut the track for track lighting?

LED track lighting fixtures are extremely versatile lighting solutions that help you power many different types of light bulbs. Track lights typically come in 4 and 8 foot lengths and can easily be cut for your desired lighting design with a common handsaw. Learn more about track lighting here
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