MaxLite LED Greenhouse Lights

Do you need greenhouse lights? MaxLite offers LED horticulture lights for energy efficiency and customization. Shop for LED greenhouse lights at HomElectrical at affordable prices!

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What are horticulture lights?

Horticulture lights provide lighting for plants. The light produced can mimic the sun or other types of light with varying effects on plants. LED grow lights use semiconductors to emit light without generating additional heat. The plants absorb the light through photosynthesis to produce food and grow.

Why choose MaxLite greenhouse lights?

MaxLite LED grow lights feature a sleek form factor with different spectra options for different plant growth responses. The horticulture lights have multiple mounting options and come with attached C-brackets for easy mounting. Both spot and linear LED grow lights include sealed silicon gaskets as well as an IP65 or IP66 rating, making them dust-, dirt-, debris- and waterproof. They both install in large-scale grow rooms.

Spot Linear
Wattage 360W and 600W 200W and 300W
Spectra Options 4 models 3 models
IP Rating IP66 IP65
Linkable No Yes
Weight Up to 35lbs. Up to 13.7lbs.

For more information check out the LED spot light spec sheet and LED linear light spec sheet.

What are spectra options?

Light is measured on a color spectrum in wavelengths denoted by the unit “nm.” Different lights like red, blue, green, or far red, affect plants in different ways. For example, red light (630-660nm) promotes stem growth and leaf expansion. Blue light (400-520nm) exposure affects chlorophyll levels. Green light (500-600nm) reaches lower leaves through the upper canopy. Far red lights (720-740nm) support lower leaves and helps increase larger leaves. MaxLite greenhouse lights offer multiple models with different light spectra in order to help you achieve your horticulture goals.

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