MaxLite Occupancy/Motion Sensor

Looking for occupancy and vacancy sensors to boost energy savings? MaxLite occupancy motion sensors detect presences in a room to turn light bulbs on or off. Shop HomElectrical’s selection of MaxLite sensors at competitive prices!

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Why use occupancy or motion sensors?

Occupancy sensors and light motion sensors aid in energy savings by dimming or turning off light fixtures according to vacancy or movement. Occupancy sensors detect when someone enters or exits a room. Motion sensors sense walking movement in a defined space. According to the Department of Energy, occupancy sensors can save anywhere from 10% to 80% in energy costs in offices, corridors, and storage areas.

What types of occupancy and motion sensors are on the market?

Motion detector lights find use for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Solar powered, outdoor motion detectors can pair with a security camera to record when movement is picked up. After a sensor works in detecting the presence in an area, it coordinates with lighting controls to turn on/off or dim integrated LED fixtures. Some occupancy and motion sensors use passive infrared, ultrasonic sensors, or PIR sensors.

What features do MaxLite sensors offer?

Both 103507 and 103508 occupancy sensors:

  • Use radio frequency technology
  • Harvest energy from indoor light for power
  • Include a 360-degree viewing angle
  • Wall mounted model uses wide angle and long-range lens

The light motion sensor:

  • Uses an omni-directional infrared sensor
  • Dims to low-level after area is vacated
  • Daylight harvesting with three different lighting levels
  • Features 7 changeable low-dim levels

For more information check out the datasheets for the blog!

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