MaxLite LED Flat Panel

MaxLite LED Flat Panels are ideal energy-efficient replacements for fluorescent fixtures in offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare and other commercial and industrial applications. HomElectrical carries a full selection of both flat panels and square pendants that require minimal installation depth. Find the right energy efficient LED Flat Panel for a competitive price at HomElectrical.

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How are LED flat panels installed?

MaxLite offers a full line of high performance LED Flat Panels that are designed for drop in ceilings and only require a minimal installation depth. These LED flat panels are also made to look like traditional florescent fixtures but operate with the energy saving and long life benefits of LED technology.

Where are LED flat panels generally installed?

LED flat panels and LED round pendants are ideal for offices, homes, schools, hospitals, and other applications. These easy to install light fixtures are good for having lower power consumption and they have a longer life span than incandescent and florescent bulbs with an average of 50,000 hours.
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