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Looking to customize your space with vintage lighting? MaxLite offers a variety of decorative LED filament bulbs to add a touch of unique, vintage lighting! Browse HomElectrical to find the perfect MaxLite LED filament bulb for your fixture.

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What is a MaxLite LED filament bulb?

LED filament bulbs, sometimes called Edison bulbs due to their resemblance to the light bulbs first created by Thomas Edison, include a visible internal filament inside the lamp. They often feature warm color temperatures to provide a cozy ambience similar to the classic yellow or amber glow from incandescent bulbs but they can also feature soft white light.

An incandescent light bulb uses a tungsten or carbon filament, which eventually burns out due to the heat released by incandescent lamps. LED Edison light bulbs use LEDs, or light emitting diodes, to make up the filament, providing a unique look to the LED filament itself and increasing the life of the bulb.

MaxLite LED filament bulbs come in color temperatures ranging from warm white, 2700K, to a daylight white, 4000K.

MaxLite offers a variety of LED filament light bulbs with clear or frosted finishes:

  • Candelabra - torpedo, flame, or blunt tip
  • T10 and T12
  • S14
  • A19

They offer E12 candelabra bases, standard household E26 bases, and GU24 bi-pin bases.

Why use MaxLite LED filament bulbs?

MaxLite filament LED light bulbs allow you to decorate your space with unique style and a comfortable ambiance.

More benefits of a MaxLite LED filament bulb include:

  • Rated life of 15,000 hours
  • Lumen options between 160lm-800lm
  • Select Energy Star rated bulbs for energy efficiency
  • Select bulbs offer dimming capabilities
  • Select bulbs JA8 compliant - high efficacy standard approved by the state of California
  • 3-year warranty

Use these bulbs in chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps, and other decorative lighting applications.


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