MaxLite LED Utility Light

Looking to upgrade your utility light to LED? MaxLite offers a variety of utility lights from LED cooler lights to LED wrap lights. HomElectrical sells Maxlite utility lights at competitive prices!

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Why choose MaxLite LED Utility lights?

MaxLite LED utility lights are energy efficient lighting solution to replace fluorescent lights. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, use LED wrap lights for general lighting applications or display lighting. LED cooler light fixtures work best in colder temperatures in grocery stores, convenience stores, or restaurants.

What features do MaxLite LED utility lights offer?

All utility lights feature:

  • Longevity 50,000 to 100,000 hours
  • Select dimmable models
  • Select models with motion sensors
  • Select models with battery backup
  • Select models with remote control compatibility
Wrap LightsCooler/Freezer Lights
Length 2ft. to 8ft. 3ft to 6ft.
Lumens 2962lm to 8800lm 1011lm to 2200lm
Wattage 25W to 62W 9W to 29W
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