MaxLite LED Vanity Lights & Wall Sconces

Looking for a stylish fixture to replace the LED bath bar above your vanity? Need new LED wall lights for your hallway? MaxLite offers LED vanity lights and wall sconces to brighten up your space in style and provide energy efficient lighting. Browse HomElectrical to find the MaxLite LED vanity light or wall sconce for you!

What are vanity lights and wall sconces?

Bathroom vanity lighting, also referred to as bath bars or vanity bar fixtures, work as task lighting above a bathroom sink. Vanity lights usually install above or around the bathroom mirror.

Wall sconces mount to interior walls and often see use as decorative ambient or accent lighting in hallways, living rooms, and restaurants.

What vanity lights and wall sconces does MaxLite offer?

MaxLite vanity bars come in three distinct styles: Fleming, Architectural, and Tulip.

The Fleming and Architectural designs offer sleek, white fixtures with a brushed nickel finish. The Fleming design has one band at each end. The Architectural design has two.

The Tulip vanity light fixture offers 3 or 4 bulb options with a nickel finish and tulip shaped housing for each bulb.

HomElectrical carries two MaxLite wall sconces: a white, vertical style Fleming, and a flush mounted wall sconce with white, nickel, and dark bronze style options.

Why use a MaxLite LED vanity light or wall sconce?

MaxLite vanity lights and wall sconces offer style and functionality while providing energy savings when you make the switch to LED light fixures.

The wall sconce and vanity light features include:

  • Dimming capability
  • Damp locations rating
  • Life hours of 25,000 or 50,000 hours
  • Lumen options of 800lm, 2100lm, 2400lm, and 3200lm
  • 2700K color temperature

Where do you use a MaxLite LED vanity light or wall sconce?

MaxLite vanity lights can see use as LED bathroom lights, while their LED sconces work well as accent lights in your home, restaurant, or office. MaxLite wall sconces can also function as decorative lighting for a hallway or bathroom.

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