MaxLite LED Linear Fixture

MaxLite constructs polygon, architectural, commercial, industrial, and L-form linear fixtures to accommodate a variety of applications including classroom and conference room lighting, indoor retail, stairwell, garage, and car parking situations. Check out HomElectrical's selection of MaxLite linear fixtures to find the one that's right for your lighting application at a great price.

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What are the benefits of L-form and polygon LED linear fixtures?

The polygon Linear LED fixture and the L-form linear fixture provide the energy and maintenance savings of a low bay utility lighting fixture, but it has an appearance that is sleek enough for classrooms, conference rooms, and other indoor or covered areas where linear lighting formats are required. The polygon and L-form Linear fixtures are made to replace traditional light fixtures for all kinds of indoor retail, stairwell, garage, and car parking applications.

What are utility wrap and vapor tight fixtures used for?

Utility wrap and vapor tight fixtures are also cost effective and energy efficient lighting solutions. The vapor tight linear fixtures protect the light source from weather and dirt so they are ideal for locations like car wash stations, tunnels, maintenance areas, and stairwells.
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