MaxLite LED Light Engine and Module

HomElectrical provides a selection of MaxLite Linear LED modules and LED light engines for all your LED lighting design needs. The linear modules allow for more design flexibility on a straight path while the light engines can be round or allow for multi-head structures. Find the MaxLite Linear LED module or LED light engine that suits your needs with HomElectrical.
MaxLite LED Light Engine and Module

MaxLite Linear LED Strip

With select fixtures offering dimming capabilities, you can discover the MaxLite linear LED strip light that works best to illuminate your building.

MaxLite Round LED Light Engine

Find the round LED light engine you need for round light sources, such as ceiling lights or pendant lights, from MaxLite.

What are the Maxlite round LED light engines used for?

Maxlite LED round light engines are simple to integrate in decorative fixtures that use round light sources, such as ceiling lights, pendants, and flush mount fixtures.

What are the Maxlite LED linear modules used for?

The Maxlite LED linear module is a quick and hassle free solution to design high efficiency linear lights. The double sided tape on the linear module also provides maximum design flexibility.

What is a Maxlite socket engine light?

The Maxlite LED socket light engine is a unique, high CRI light engine that allows manufacturers to create LED-based multi-head bath bars, chandeliers, and other decorative luminaries.
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