MaxLite Round LED Light Engine

MaxLite offers an assortment of round LED light engines for fixtures that use round light sources like ceiling lights, pendants, and more. The engines are a high performance and cost-effective replacement for incandescent, CFL, and other light sources. Shop HomElectrical for great prices on all the round LED light engines you need for your lighting designs today.

Where are round LED light engines often used?

The MaxLite round LED light engines can be easily integrated in decorative light fixtures that use round light sources, such as ceiling lights, pendants, and flush mount fixtures. They are ideal for both residential and commercial fixtures.

How do the round LED light engines operate?

The engines operate directly from a 120-volt line, making them a high-performance, cost-effective replacement for incandescent, CFL and T9 Circline light sources. They are available in 80+ and 90+ CRI and the light engines deliver warm light with dimming capabilities down to five percent.
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