MaxLite LED Flood Light

LED flood light fixtures from MaxLite will brighten any area efficiently and cost effectively. HomElectrical carries a wide variety of LED flood lights for any application, whether it be residential or industrial. Shop HomElectrical for competitive prices on all LED flood lights.

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What are indoor flood lights used for?

These efficient, energy-saving LED flood lights are designed to provide maximum brightness with little energy ranging from 15W-540W. LED flood lights produce more light per watt and not only is the light bright, but it is highly concentrated which makes them ideal to use for outdoor landscaping or for indoor ceiling fixtures. These lights provide directional or display lighting.

What is the difference between a spot and a flood light?

The main difference between spot and flood lights are the amount of light each fixture covers. Spot lights usually have a beam angle under 45 degrees whereas flood lights are usually anything greater than 45 degrees up to about 120 degrees. Flood lights illuminate larger amounts of spaces whereas a spot light is more concentrated.
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