MaxLite LED Driver

In need of a new LED light driver or power supply for your LED lamp? Browse HomElectrical's selection of MaxLite LED drivers to find the one that fits your fixture!

What is an LED driver?

LED drivers regulate power to an LED. Since LEDs operate at low voltages, an LED requires an internal or external driver to regulate the voltage and electricity directed to the bulb. LED drivers protect the bulb from damaging fluctuations in voltage and electrical current.

Three types of LED external drivers exist: constant voltage drivers, constant current LED drivers, and AC LED drivers.

Where do you use a MaxLite LED driver?

The type of LED driver or power supply you need depends on where you use it and what the fixture requires.

MaxLite offers three power supplies to use with LED lamps:

  • External driver - use with T8 LED tube light, can supply power without need for a ballast
  • Power Driver - use with LED sign modules
  • Electronic Programmed Start Ballast - regulates current and controls voltage to bulb. Use with compatible T5 or T8 LED tube fixtures

Depending on the power supply, they can regulate a specified number of lamps for each designated fixture. MaxLite drivers can range from 1 lamp to 4 lamps depending on the fixture the driver regulates.


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