Lighting Control with LED Indoor Motion Detectors

By falyn_eaden on 07/03/2017

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Lighting Control with LED Indoor Motion Detectors

What Is a LED Motion Detector?

 Image of a Motion Detector

A motion sensor detects when someone is in a specific area. When paired with led lighting, your lights cut on automatically when the detector senses you. This is a great help when your hands are full walking through the building or if you quickly walk in and out of a pantry/closet. Here is how else this can benefit you.

Why Should I Invest in a LED Motion Detector?

When you use motion detectors to automate your lights you become more energy efficient. Lights only cut on when they are being used and they then turn off when they are not. Motion detectors help you save money on maintenance cost because of the energy you save, and increase security within your building or home.

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Common Application

Motion detectors can be surface mounted onto walls. The height in which you mount your motion detector can affect its detection range. This provides some versatility to the detectors so that you can install them where you want and out of the way simultaneously. You can install these lights for multiple indoor applications.

LED lighting motion detector mounted locations

When you pair your LED lights with motion detectors you decrease maintenance cost and save energy. The lights only come on when they are needed, and cut off when they aren’t. This helps you save money. Another benefit of LED motion detectors is that they increase your security. Since lights come on when motion is detected, they could deter a burglar from proceeding in a robbery once the light comes on. If you are ready to shop for a motion detectors to help save you money, you can do so by visiting our site.

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