NovaLux LED Light & Fixture

NovaLux LED lights save energy and cost for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. LED bulbs and light fixtures last longer and shine brighter than other types of bulbs. Use LED retrofit kits to improve lighting in old shoebox, high bay, or wall pack light fixtures. Find the right light for you with high quality NovaLux LED lighting products at HomElectrical.
NovaLux LED Light & Fixture

NovaLux LED High Bay

Our NovaLux LED high bay lights are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications due to their multiple installation options

NovaLux LED Bulb

From A19 to corn bulbs and PAR or specialty lighting, NovaLux lighting offers a wide variety of LED bulbs for any light fixture

NovaLux Outdoor Light

Illuminate your outdoor areas with a NovaLux outdoor light! NovaLux offers a selection of LED outdoor light options, including LED canopy light fixtures, landscape lighting, shoebox fixtures, and more

NovaLux LED High Bay Accessories

NovaLux offers LED high bay accessories ranging from mounting brackets to reflectors

NovaLux LED Under Cabinet Light

Enhance your home with LED under cabinet lighting! NovaLux offers a selection of LED under cabinet lighting that works well to accent cabinets in homes and offices

NovaLux LED Panel & Troffer Accessories

Need accessories for an LED panel or troffer? NovaLux offers a variety of mounting and control options for LED panels and troffers

NovaLux LED Panel

NovaLux LED panels are constructed with earthquake proof hooks so that there won't be an structural damage and are glare free

NovaLux LED Linear Fixture

LED linear light fixtures are ideal for keeping your commercial space well lit including: hotels, hospitals, theaters, and more

NovaLux LED Jelly Jar Light

Replace inefficient compact fluorescent or incandescent jelly jar fixtures with a NovaLux LED jelly jar light

NovaLux LED Exit Sign and Emergency Light

LED exit signs are designed so that they can save energy and lives in emergencies

NovaLux LED Downlight

These LED downlights are constructed from durable and resistant materials so that they will require little maintenance

NovaLux LED Ceiling Light

NovaLux LED ceiling light design allows the fixtures to illuminate a space even in the areas that are wet and damp

What types of LED light bulbs are there?

NovaLux LED light bulbs come in a variety of bulb shapes and base types for any of your commercial lighting needs. From general purpose A19/A21 bulbs to LED tubes and decorative specialty bulbs, such as G25 and chandelier light bulbs.

What lighting products does NovaLux offer?

NovaLux carries many different types of lighting products:

  • LED bulbs
  • LED ceiling lights
  • LED downlights
  • LED exit signs and emergency lights
  • LED high bay lights
  • LED high bay accessories
  • LED jelly jar lights
  • LED linear fixtures
  • LED panels
  • LED panel and troffer accessories
  • LED retrofit kits
  • LED troffers
  • LED under cabinet lights
  • LED outdoor lights

What is considered high bay lighting?

NovaLux LED high bays offer multiple installation options that make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. NovaLux features a variety of high bay lights that are perfect for lighting applications with high ceilings, making them great for warehouses. High bay light fixtures have a high lumen output and come in a variety of color temperatures.

What are LED corn bulbs used for?

NovaLux LED Corn bulbs are ideal for everything from warehouse and gymnasium lighting to street, area, and post top lighting. Their LED Retrofit Kits simplify transitioning shoebox, high bay, cobra, flood, low bay, canopy, and wall pack lights to LED lights without having to replace the whole fixture.

What are LED area lights used for?

NovaLux LED area & street lights offer wide beam angles and a high brightness for illuminating large outdoor areas, such as parking lots, roadways, and more.
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