LED Lighting: What is Color Temperature?

What is Color Temperature?

Color Temperature

Color temperature is the measure (in Kelvin) of a light's color when it is illuminated. As you may know, LED’s can come in three different color temperatures: Warm White, Daylight White, and Cool White. These are used to describe the ambience you are trying to create. In a commercial space, especially, it it is important to understand the mood you would like to achieve.

While some spaces function for general lighting purposes, spaces like warehouses may need brighter task-oriented lighting. Clothing stores, on the other hand may need accent lighting to feature seasonal merchandise, illuminate their dressing rooms, light up display cases, and so on and so forth.

Choosing the right color temperature can also drastically affect the level of productivity of your workers. While a warmer tone of light may be great for a spa, it won't serve the same purpose in an office building. There's nothing worse than a dim office!

Warm White

Warm white provides an ambient and intimate light that is ideal for living rooms, due to their more yellow tone. This color temperature is great for general lighting purposes and gives off an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Bright White

Bright white provides a clean and neutral light that is ideal for kitchens and workspaces because of their natural light tone. This color temperature is great for task lighting as well as general lighting purposes, and gives off an energetic and lively atmosphere.

(Cool) Daylight White

Daylight white provides a more vibrant white light that is ideal for commercial spaces. LED light bulbs that fall within this range, emit an almost blue color. This kind of lighting is great for task lighting in office buildings, break rooms, and check out areas in retail stores.

Color Temperature

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