NovaLux Outdoor Light

Illuminate your outdoor areas with a NovaLux outdoor light! NovaLux offers a selection of LED outdoor light options, including LED canopy light fixtures, landscape lighting, shoebox fixtures, and more. Find the LED NovaLux landscape lights you need for your next project at HomElectrical!
NovaLux Outdoor Light

NovaLux LED High Mast Stadium Light

Are you looking for a new lighting fixture for your high mast lighting? NovaLux LED High Mast Stadium Lights meet your efficacy, beam angle, and adjustability needs and more! Shop NovaLux’s selection of LED stadium lights.

NovaLux LED Wall Pack

LED wall pack lights from HomElectrical are perfect for lighting building entrances, apartment buildings, stairways, schools and more

NovaLux LED Shoebox Fixture

Shopping for your NovaLux LED Shoebox Fixture has been made simple by HomElectrical

NovaLux LED Landscape Lighting

When looking for your LED landscape lighting you will want to pay attention to what wattage, voltage, and style fixture you need

NovaLux LED Canopy Light

Perfect for lighting your parking garage, outdoor walkways, or your stairways, NovaLux LED Canopy Lights offer efficient output while reducing energy consumption

NovaLux LED Area Lighting Accessories

HomElectrical offers a wide variety of NovaLux LED area and security lighting accessories for mounting your fixture at any location as well as power controls for increased energy savings

What outdoor lights does NovaLux offer?

NovaLux offers a selection of outdoor lights with various lumen, color temperature, wattage, and voltage options. Their selection LED outdoor lights includes:

  • Canopy lights
  • Flood lights
  • High Mast Stadium Lights
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Shoebox Fixtures
  • Wall Packs

They also offer area lighting accessories.

What is an LED high mast stadium light?

A high mast stadium light attaches to a tall pole. Most often, you can find high mast stadium lights illuminating parking lots, stadiums, and highways.

What is a wall pack?

A wall pack light mounts to the exterior side of a building. They can function as security lights or as outdoor wall lights. Wall packs use a wide beam angle to distribute light. Use them in areas that see a high amount of foot traffic to keep the area properly illuminated.

Where can you use outdoor lights?

Where you use your outdoor lights depends on the fixture you choose. Landscape lighting works well to illuminate lawns and gardens, or to add style and functionality as pathway lighting outside homes and offices. Shoebox fixtures and stadium lights work well to brighten up parking lots while flood lights work well as security lighting.

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