NovaLux LED High Mast Stadium Light

Are you looking for a new lighting fixture for your high mast lighting? NovaLux LED High Mast Stadium Lights meet your efficacy, beam angle, and adjustability needs and more! Shop NovaLux’s selection of LED stadium lights.

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What is high mast lighting?

High mast lighting refers to lights that install on a tall pole. You can commonly see them illuminating parking lots, as stadium lights, or as highway lighting.

What is an LED stadium light?

Stadium lights illuminate large areas, such as football and soccer stadiums or tennis courts. They install on tall poles to allow for proper light distribution, safety, and visibility.

An LED stadium light can replace an inefficient metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixture, providing more energy efficiency and longer rated life hours. Additionally, LED lights do not release a large amount of heat which becomes beneficial when considering high volumes of people present in stadiums.

Why use NovaLux LED stadium lights?

NovaLux’s stadium light selection can vary in size, wattage, and type of light. Additionally, they offer high lumens options with some over 200,000 lumens to fulfill a stadium’s brightness requirements. They also offer a rated life of 50,000 hours. NovaLux LED stadiums lights may offer these additional features:

  • High water and dust protection rating
  • Impact protection rating
  • Color temperature of 5000K or higher
  • Lumen options above 30,000lm
  • Voltage options
  • Quality and safety certifications (DLC listed, ETL listed, and more)

Check the product description to see what features the product offers.

How important is heat dissipation for an LED stadium light?

LEDS don’t produce heat as infrared (IR) radiation. The bulb and surrounding area of an LED bulb aren’t hot to the touch. Stadiums benefit from this because of the high volume of people and the surrounding environment.

Proper heat dissipation in an LED stadium light is crucial. Without it, the LED light will die and lose certain characteristics. These include:

  • Forward voltage
  • Lumen output
  • Output wavelength
  • Lifetime of light

Choosing a light with proper heat dissipation ensures the bulb will last longer than a high-pressure sodium or metal halide bulb.

What can I replace with NovaLux LED High Mast Stadium Lights?

Metal halide and high pressure sodium lights fall under types of HID fixtures. Because metal halide and LED have higher CRI and color temperature, most high mast lights use these bulbs. Many of NovaLux’s LED high mast stadium lights replace metal halide. Check product information before purchasing.
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