NovaLux LED Wall Pack

LED wall pack lights from HomElectrical are perfect for lighting building entrances, apartment buildings, stairways, schools and more. Shop our selection of NovaLux LED wall pack light products today for all your outdoor lighting needs.

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What is a NovaLux Wall Pack?

A NovaLux wall pack light is a light mounted on a wall that is typically used for outdoor or security lighting purposes in public places

They use a wide beam angle, or light distribution. How they distribute lights depends on which type of wall pack you use:

  • Non-cutoff – light distributes outward
  • Semi-cutoff – light distributes outward and down
  • Full cutoff – light distributes downward

What are the ideal locations for a Wall Pack light?

Wall pack lights feature metal bodies for increased damage resistance and silicate glass that allows for ultimate light distribution. They are also UL-listed for wet locations making them ideal for outdoor areas like warehouse lighting, outside schools, as tunnel lighting, and more.

You can use non-cutoff wall packs to illuminate large areas, semi-cutoff for medium areas, and cutoff wall packs to light up small to medium areas.

How does a Wall Pack Light work?

Wall pack lights feature a photo-controlled LED light that turns on automatically in the dark and off in the light.

What are the advantages of LED technology?

LEDs produce brighter light using less energy so they last longer and require less maintenance. The typical lifetimes of LED bulbs are quoted to be 25,000 to 100,000 hours.

What is a beam angle?

Beam angle, or beam spread, refers to the angle that the light distributes from the fixture. To cover a large area, as in outdoor lighting, use a wide beam angle between 60 and 120 degrees.
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