NovaLux LED High Bay

Our NovaLux LED high bay lights are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications due to their multiple installation options. Ceiling mounted, LED high bays are ideal for warehouse and workshop applications. Wall mounted, they are great for outdoor street lighting or indoor wall lighting. Find the right NovaLux LED high bay for your application with HomElectrical.

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What is a high bay light?

High bay lighting includes areas with ceilings higher than 20 feet. They usually have a beam angle of 90 degrees and offer uniform light over an open area. NovaLux offers a variety of LED high bays in round or linear styles. You can generally find high bays in warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, and some retail stores.

High bays can mount in a variety of ways depending on your fixture and what would work best for your application.

What is the difference between low and high bay lighting?

While high bay lights offer a beam angle of 90-degrees, low bay lights typically offer a 120-degree beam angle. Additionally, low bay fixtures usually install in rooms with a ceiling height between 12-20 feet high.

What is a UFO high bay?

A popular circular high bay fixture, LED UFO high bays replace traditional high-wattage metal halide or high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures.

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What is a Bay Light?

What Is the Difference between Low & High Bay Light?

How should LED High Bays be mounted?

  • Using an arm for mounting allows for high bays to function as light for outdoor singe boards.
  • Wall mounting is ideal for both indoor and outdoor area lighting.
  • Ceiling mounting is ideal for warehouses, workshops, and gymnasiums.
  • Pole mounting allows for the high bay to function as outdoor, roadway, or street lighting.
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