What Is the Difference Between Low and High Bay Lights?

By Shakir Williams Last Updated On 02/28/2018

LED high bay lighting

High Bay / Low Bay are lighting terms used to describe the correct bay lights needed for the appropriate ceiling height. 

LED high bay light in warehouseTypically, High Bay Lights apply to any large area with a ceiling height greater than 20 ft.  In return, Low Bay Fixtures are used in large rooms with a ceiling height between 12 and 20 feet.



LED low bay light in grocery storeYou will often find bay lights that are 150W or above referred to as High Bay with a beam angle of 90 degrees or narrower.  Low Bay lights are typically 60W to 100W with a beam angle of 120 degrees. 

High Bay lights are usually found in warehouses, factories, and hangars, and Low Bay fixtures are found more in retail stores, grocery stores, and workshops.



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