How to Convert High Bay to LED

By falyn_eaden on 02/13/2017

retrofitting warehouse lights to LED high bay

How to Convert High Bay Lights to LED

If you’re looking to find out exactly how convert your inefficient high bay lights to LEDs then you more than likely are already aware of the many benefits LED lighting technology offers. Although converting your high bay lights to LEDs can be accomplished three different ways, we only recommend a couple.

  • Install a comletely new fixture. (Retrofit Kit)
  • Screw in the new lamp and rewire the fixture. (Ballast Bypass, Line Voltage, Direct Wire)

As you may have guessed, each process has its own pros and cons. What you may not have known is all of these processes are a form of retrofitting.

before and after retrofitting to high bay lights

What is Retrofitting?

To retrofit means to replace your existing lighting fixtures with new and improved lighting technology in order to increase the quality and energy efficiency of your lights. Now that you have a better understanding of the terms, let’s look at your options for converting your high bay fixtures to LEDs.

  • 1. Retrofit Kit (New Fixture)

    The retrofit kit is designed to replace the inefficient components of your existing fixture in its entirety. No more ballast. No more inefficient bulbs. No more wasted energy. This option is the most beneficial, but it is also the most expensive upfront.

    2. Ballast Bypass (Direct Wire)

    The ballast bypass option enables you to remove the ballast from the equation altogether. The rewiring can be a simple task; however, anytime you will be working with electrical wires we recommend that you consult with a certified electrician before you go pulling on things yourself.

retrofitting LED light fixtures

Now that you have a better understanding of how to retrofit your high bays to LED technology will you convert to reduce your energy consumption? HomElectrical offers a variety of options no matter which technique you choose above.

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