Linear High Bay Light

LED linear high bay lights are the ideal replacement for aging warehouse T5 linear fixtures. With a reduction of 60% of wattage consumption, these linear high bay lights provide more illumination (lumens) and last five times longer than typical T5 or T8 fluorescent tubes. HomElectrical offers a wide variety of LED linear high bay lights with various color temperatures (CCT) and light distributions (beam angle) to best meet your needs.

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Where should high bay lights be used?

High bay lights are called so because they are meant to be used in a structure or space that has a high ceiling (bay). This normally means that the ceiling is at least 20 feet above the ground. High bay lights are designed to light an area from this height. Read more about the differences between high bay and low bay lights.

How do I protect my linear high bay lights?

Being so high above you, it can seem like protecting your lights from damage is outside of your control. Luckily, linear high bay lights are not very difficult to care for. They have a wide operating temperature range (most commonly from -22°F / -30°C all the way up to 140°F / 60°C) that can withstand all but the most record-breaking temperatures. Their hard casings are easy to clean.

The worst thing that will likely happen to your linear high bay during the course of its normal operation is that small, flying insects like cockroaches, flies, and moths will get under the cover. When it's time to change the bulb, you will likely notice many carcasses and parts from beetles, hornets, mosquitoes, and the like sitting in the bottom of the bulb cover. Other than maintaining a cleaner environment that doesn't attract such bugs, there's not a lot you can do about this that won't cost you extra money. Just dump the past, wash the inside of the cover with a damp cloth, and replace it as normal.
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