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HomElectrical sells a variety of commercial lights to help you get what you are looking for. With our large collection of Commercial Lighting, you will easily be able to find the right light, bulb, or fixture for your needs. We sell exit signs and emergency lights, low bay and high bay lights, LED corn bulbs, LED tubes, LED drivers, retrofit kits, and so much more. Find the best commercial lighting supplies you need today at HomElectrical!
Depending on the type of fixtures, you can brighten commercial or industrial areas using LED linear fixtures, including linear parking garage lights, shop lights, utility lights, vapor tight fixtures, and under cabinet lights, as well as LED linear fixtur
Outfit warehouses, gymnasiums, and retail stores with low/high bay lights, including UFO and linear high bays as well as high bay/low bay accessories.
Replace old fluorescent tubes with HomElectrical’s selection of LED tubes, including LED T9, U-Bend, integrated, T5, T6, and T8 options.

LED Panel & Troffer

Find LED panels and troffers to illuminate commercial applications as well as aircraft cables for mounting.

LED Corn Bulb

Illuminate your commercial or industrial applications with a selection of LED corn bulbs and corn bulb accessories.

LED Retrofit Kit

Retrofit inefficient fixtures to LEDs using an LED retrofit kit, including flush mounts, strip lights, shoeboxes, low/high bays, and troffers as well as multi-use LED retrofit kits.

LED Driver

Provide sufficient electricity and regulate power to LED light bulbs with LED drivers from HomElectrical.

Exit Sign & Emergency Light

HomElectrical carries exit signs, emergency lights, and exit light combos to keep your building safe and up to code in case of emergencies.

Jelly Jar Light

Brighten commercial environments as well as construction sites and other areas using a selection of jelly jar lights which can offer wall or ceiling mounting and with options that feature a hazard rating.
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What is the best lighting for commercial buildings?

LED lights are often recommended for commercial buildings because they are durable, eco-friendly, turn on instantly, and can be used in a variety of applications. The best lighting products for a commercial building will depend on your needs. Take these factors into consideration when choosing commercial light fixtures:

  • Output: The light output of a fixture is measured in lumens. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light will be.
  • Size: The larger a commercial space, the more light fixtures you’ll need to illuminate every area properly.
  • Function: Do you need overhead lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, or a combination of all three? Consider who will be using the workspace and how to inform your lighting design.
  • Location: Are you looking for indoor or outdoor light fixtures? Outdoor flood lights or wall lights can highlight your commercial building exterior while providing safety at building entrances and parking areas.
  • Smart features: As IoT technology advances, more and more businesses are opting for smart lighting systems that can be easily managed from a dashboard on your phone or tablet. Programmed lighting controls and motion sensor lights can also save on energy costs.
  • Ambiance: What kind of setting or environment do you want to create? If you are designing a public-facing space, how do you want customers to feel when they enter?

What is commercial lighting?

Indoor and outdoor lighting systems are usually designed for commercial, industrial, or residential use. Commercial lighting is used in a wide variety of business settings, from retail stores to warehouses to office buildings. A well-lit commercial space should support productivity, keep customers and workers safe, and create a positive and welcoming ambiance. Your lighting system needs to provide sufficient illumination without causing eye strain.

What are some types of commercial lighting?

HomElectrical carries several types of LED commercial lighting, including LED drivers to power your fixtures, emergency lights and exit signs to help guide the way in case of an emergency, jelly jar lights that work in commercial spaces, and more:

  • LED Panels & Troffers: Commonly sold in 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4 sizes, flat panels and troffer lights install recessed into the ceiling and have a square or rectangular shape. Flat panels have a slim profile and straight edge design while troffers often require more space as they have a bigger design.
  • Linear fixture: linear fixtures feature a linear design that provides directional light. HomElectrical carries a wide variety of LED linear fixtures, including utility lights, under cabinet lighting, linear shop lights, and vapor tight lights.
  • Corn Bulbs & Retrofit Kit: Corn bulbs and retrofit kits both allow you to switch from inefficient lighting to energy efficient LED! We offer corn bulbs that range from 100W replacements up to 1000W replacements. The retrofit kits we sell include LED flush mount, LED strip light, LED low/high bay, and more.
  • Low bay/high bay: Low and high bay lights both work in areas with high wattage requirements. They install in areas with ceiling heights over 12 feet. Low bay lights work well for ceiling heights 12-20 feet from the floor while high bay lights work with ceiling heights over 20 feet. We carry both UFO, or round, and linear high bays.

What is the most common commercial lighting?

In the past, fluorescent lights like ballasts were one of the most widely-used types of commercial lighting. Today, however, many commercial customers choose LED light fixtures for their businesses. LED lights last much longer than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and use less energy.

Companies that install new commercial LED lighting systems or retrofit their existing fixtures with LEDs can enjoy significant savings on their utility bills over time. Plus, unlike fluorescent bulbs, LEDs do not emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation or contain mercury.

What is the difference between commercial lighting and residential lighting?

Commercial lighting is used in warehouses, stores, restaurants, and other businesses. Residential lighting, in contrast, is designed for use in private homes. Typically, residential lighting tends to use lower wattages and isn’t as bright as commercial lighting. Because they’re often installed in larger spaces, commercial light fixtures need to be brighter. They are also usually more durable and have a more utilitarian look.

Residential light fixtures, like lamps and chandeliers, are used for interior décor as well as function. They are smaller and less powerful than commercial lights.

What is the best way to light a commercial building?

To choose the proper light fixtures for a commercial building, consider the building size and how it is used. You’ll want a combination of overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Troffer lights, downlights, ceiling lights, or recessed lighting can provide ample overhead light. Fixtures like sconces and lamps can provide accent lighting, while solutions such as under-cabinet lighting can be good for task lighting.

Outside, you may want motion-sensor flush mount lights or area lights for security.

What is the difference between a commercial light and a commercial light strip?

A commercial light strip is a fixture used in offices or other commercial buildings. Commercial strip lights are used to highlight a large area, typically with an LED tube light. A commercial light can refer to a variety of different fixtures that include LED panel lighting, wall packs, LED shop lights, and many more.

Are LED lights affected by cold temperatures?

LED lights are affected by heat in two ways. Typically in a cooler environment, an energy-efficient LED bulb will have a higher light output. Heat affects LED bulbs oppositely, causing the bulb's output to lessen. Each LED bulb has a temperature range on its data specification sheet to show optimal conditions for your application.

What are the most common reasons that LEDs stop working?

The most common use for a LED bulb to stop working is that the bulb gradually decays over time and the output gradually weakens. If a LED fails before its lifespan it is very rare and is usually associated with a misuse of the bulb, such as installing the wrong size into a fixture or placing a bulb where it can be exposed to an exceptional amount of heat.

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