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As one of the industry’s leading providers of LED light & fixture, LEDVANCE Sylvania offers some of the best LED bulbs, downlights, LED flat panels and troffers available. Established in 1993, they have grown into a trusted lighting household brand.

LEDVANCE Sylvania carries a wide selection of residential and commercial light fixtures to fit all lighting projects. Area shoebox fixtures are perfect for parking lot or streets, while high bays and LED corn bulbs are ideal to retrofit your warehouse or gymnasium. They also carry specialty lighting items like smart lights and floodlights.

Sylvania LED Light & Fixture - LEDvance

Sylvania Indoor Light Fixtures

Find the indoor lighting you need, including pendant lights, downlights, high bays, linear fixtures and more with Sylvania indoor light fixtures.

Sylvania Light Bulb & Lamp

Choose from a selection of quality LED light bulbs and lamps, including LED tubes, A19, corn bulbs, decorative bulbs, and more.

Sylvania Outdoor Light Fixtures

Discover a selection of quality LED outdoor light fixtures, including area lights, canopy lights, flood lights, wall packs, bollard lights, wall sconces, and more from Sylvania.

Sylvania Lighting Controls

Sylvania lighting controls allow you to upgrade your home automation system with SMART outlets and keypad room controllers so you can control Sylvania SMART bulbs and plugs even when away.

Sylvania Work Light

Choose Sylvania to find a durable and portable LED work light capable of linking to multiple lamps to light up construction or job sites.

Who is Sylvania Lighting?

OSRAM Sylvania is the North American operation of OSRAM lighting since 1993. The company manufactures high quality and energy efficient light fixtures and lamps for residential, commercial and automotive use. The Sylvania brand is found in residential and automotive products while the OSRAM brand is focused on commercial applications. OSRAM Sylvania continues to enhance your user experience.


In 2016, OSRAM spun off its general lighting division into an independent company, LEDVANCE. LEDVANCE offers LED bulbs, halogen and fluorescent lamps under the Sylvania and OSRAM brands in the United States and Canada.

LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a wide selection of LED lamps and fixtures for all your industrial, residential, and commercial needs. LEDVANCE manufactures everything from Metal Halide bulbs for high power needs, such as warehouses and parking lots, to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) that are often found in homes and offices. With the rapid advancement in LED technology, they continue to develop long lasting and more efficient LED light bulbs.

Why should I trust LEDVANCE Sylvania products?

As the industry leader, Sylvania is constantly adapting to the latest technologies. Whether you are looking to control your smart lights with Alexa, retrofitting your offices with more efficient LED flat panels, or replace your aging gymnasium HID lamps, LEDVANCE offers a complete line of fixtures and bulbs for all your lighting solutions.

With thousands of lamps to choose from, HomElectrical offers the LEDVANCE Sylvania LED lighting products catalog. From the popular A19 bulb to floodlight, Sylvania is here to brighten your experiences for years to come.

What is Sylvania Smart+?

With LEDVANCE Sylvania Smart+ home products, you will be able to control your light bulbs with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant all in one.

What is the LED bulb replacement for my car?

Unfortunately, we do not offer Sylvania automotive lamps.

How do I contact LEDVANCE?

For warranty replacement, please contact LEDVANCE Sylvania directly at 1-800-LIGHTBULB (544-4828) for USA consumers. For all Canadian customers, please call 1-800-654-0089.

You can also email all your warranty questions to

Electronic Product Claim Form.

Electronic Product Registration Form.

For additional warranty information, please visit Sylvania Warranty Information Page.

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