Sylvania Indoor Light Fixtures

With everything from downlights to LED flat panels, Sylvania Lighting has remained the industry leader for over a century. Their commitment to high performance & efficiency makes them the best indoor light fixtures choice for all commercial and residential projects. Whether retrofitting your recessed drop ceiling fixtures, replacing your aging warehouse HID high bays, or your hot and inefficient can lights, you are sure to find the right Sylvania LED fixtures at!
Sylvania Indoor Light Fixtures

Sylvania LED Downlight

Fulfill your recessed lighting requirements with Sylvania LED downlights.

Sylvania LED High Bay

Sylvania offers a selection of LED linear and UFO high bay fixtures, including length options, a range of color temperatures, and bright lumen options available for illuminate warehouses, gyms, auditoriums, and more.

Sylvania LED Linear Fixture

Illuminate commercial spaces, schools, offices, or warehouse with the selection of Sylvania LED linear fixtures, which includes strip lights, vapor tight fixtures, and utility lights as well as some accessories you can use to mount, control, or protect th

Sylvania LED Panel

Illuminate a home, office, school, or commercial space with a selection of slim-built Sylvania LED panels.

Sylvania LED Flush Mount

Illuminate a room in style or with a subtle flare with Sylvania LED flush mounts.

Sylvania Downlight Accessories

Sylvania LED downlight accessories provide style to a room with their LED downlight trim rings as well as providing convenience with a socket adaptor.

Sylvania LED Troffer

Sylvania LED troffer lights include a variety of features such as a three size options, long-life hours, and a variety of color temperature and lumen options to fit your office, school, or other commercial buildings.

Sylvania LED Pendant Light

Add style and elegance to dining rooms, hallways, foyers, and more with Sylvania LED pendant lights.

Sylvania LED Exit Sign and Emergency Light

Mark exits clearly with Sylvania LED exit and emergency signs.

Why choose Sylvania products?

Sylvania Lighting is a trusted name in lighting, serving markets across the globe for more than 100 years. From humble beginnings of renewing burned-out bulbs, Sylvania now produces highly efficient, cutting-edge lamps that last longer, shine brighter, and save energy. Take your pick of the top-notch Sylvania indoor light fixtures you need.

What indoor lights does Sylvania offer?

Sylvania indoor light fixture options include:

  • LED pendant light
  • LED downlight
  • Downlight accessories
  • LED flush mount
  • LED panel
  • LED high bay
  • LED troffer
  • LED linear fixture
  • LED exit sign and emergency lights

Where can I apply Sylvania indoor light fixtures?

Building a house? Revamping the warehouse? Designing an office or store? Sylvania offers a wide selection of solutions to suit your needs. Pendant lights can add style and accent lighting. Downlights and flush mounts can both provide general lighting. Linear lights and LED troffers can light retail spaces or offices. LED high bay lights can safely illuminate a warehouse or large workspace. Options are endless with the number of indoor light fixtures available.

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