Sylvania LED Pendant Light

Looking for that unique lighting fixture to brighten up a space? Browse our selection of Sylvania LED pendant lights to light up an area in style. Find the best pendant light for your home, foyer, dining room, hallway, or retail space at HomElectrical!

What is a Sylvania LED pendant light?

The Brookline pendant light comes with a clear filament bulb but the Manchester pendant light and caged pendant light do not include a bulb. Curate any mood or ambiance with these stylish vintage pendant lights.

Where can you use LED pendant lights?

Install Sylvania LED hanging lights in singles or multiples for general and accent lighting settings, depending on the bulb and location of the hanging light fixtures. For example, the Brookline pendant light works well in multiples to provide an elegant accent a kitchen island or café seating to create cohesion. The caged pendant light could be placed above highboy tables in a bar or gastropub to create a more private space. They add flair and lighting to living rooms, hallways, dining rooms, foyers, and retail spaces.

Why use a Sylvania vintage pendant light?

Sylvania LED pendant lights embody an upscale look while remaining budget friendly. These Energy Star certified LED hanging light fixtures continue to save money in the long term. Highly efficient LED Energy Star rated products save money and energy and stand for high quality. Install a dimmer switch to link with the hanging light fixture for even more energy savings and bulb longevity. A Sylvania pendant light also saves space and helps focus light on a particular area. Be friendly to your budget while setting the atmosphere for an at-home dinner and movie.

Want to know more about pendant lighting?

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