Sylvania LED Troffer

Replacing a traditional fluorescent ceiling light? Sylvania LED troffers and LED retrofit kits are a great alternative to retrofit your space with an energy-saving, cost-efficient integrated LED troffer fixture. Check out HomElectrical’s selection of Sylvania LED troffers at affordable prices.

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What is an LED troffer light?

Troffer lights have several characteristics: rectangular shape, usually recessed, and angled sides that serve as reflectors. An LED troffer light differs from fluorescent troffer lights in that they last longer, save energy, and ultimately save money. You can use Sylvania LED troffer lights in a drop ceiling to retrofit older fixtures or installed when constructing a new space.

Why retrofit or use LED troffer lights?

Sylvania LED troffer retrofit kits leads to increased energy saving which offsets the upfront cost in the long run. They have a long life span and require less maintenance. See Sylvania's troffer retrofit kit installation video for more information.

Why buy a Sylvania LED troffer light?

Sylvania creates a wide variety of innovative and efficient illumination solutions and the LED troffer light adds to their family of trusted products. Sylvania offers troffer lights in volumetric and SMART+ LED retrofit options. They can controlled in multiple ways such as zigbee, RF, or sensors. The Sylvania LED troffer has a long life and is energy efficient. Most models include up to a 5-year warranty.

What are the features of Sylvania LED troffer lights?

Some features include:

  • Sizes ranging from 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4 feet.
  • Life hours rated from 35,000, 50,000, and 100,000 hours depending on the model
  • Color temperatures from 3,500K, 4,000K, 5,000K, and 6,500K
  • Lumens ranging from 2900lm to 3500lm
  • Lumen-selectable models
  • Dimmable and non-dimmable models
  • Varying add-ons such as battery backup, micro sensors, Lutron RF, and Osram Zigbee CLM & EM

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