Sylvania LED Linear Fixture

From home and office to commercial and industrial applications, energy-efficient linear fixture lights can apply to many illumination solutions. Sylvania LED linear fixtures replace old linear fluorescent lights and improve energy savings. Check out HomElectrical’s Sylvania LED linear fixture offerings at competitive prices.
Sylvania LED Linear Fixture

Sylvania LED Strip Light

Sylvania offers a variety of LED strip or tape light styles you can use for accent, task, or general-purpose lighting in hallways and offices or as edge or backlighting with benefits such as color temperature, size, and lumen options.

Sylvania LED Vapor Tight

Available in 2-, 4-, or 8-foot options, you can find a selection of durable Sylvania LED vapor tight light fixtures to illuminate your areas.

Sylvania LED Linear Fixture Accessories

Extend the life of your linear fixtures or mount them the way you want with Sylvania LED linear fixture accessories, including wire guards, mounting accessories, flange kits, universal infrared remote, and connector options.

Sylvania LED Utility Light

Illuminate schools, offices, retail stores, and much more with Sylvania’s selection of LED wrap lights.

What is an LED linear fixture?

LED linear lights have an elongated body and attach to ceilings used for general or task lighting. They vary in sizes, brightness, and color temperatures and you can use them in offices, schools, warehouses, and workshops.

Why use a Sylvania LED linear fixture?

Sylvania offers multiple types of versatile LED linear lights for any application. The linear fixture lights save energy, save money, and require less maintenance. LEDs last tens of thousands of hours and use up to 75% less energy. The various lights available offer usage in different fields of application.

Where can they be applied?

Use Sylvania LED linear fixtures in residential, commercial, or industrial applications based on their size and features.

LED strip lights are more compact for use in home, office, and other smaller space applications. For more durability install LED utility lights in basements, workshops, or outbuildings.

Industrial and commercial fields benefit from LED vapor tight lights which are durable enough for use in food service, maintenance areas, and parking garages. Larger LED linear high bay lights function well in warehouses.

What Sylvania LED linear fixtures are available?

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