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Existing recessed and can lights burn out? Replace them with a Sylvania can light or Sylvania LED retrofit and reap energy savings for the future. Sylvania offers many different downlight retrofit kits and modules to replace old lamps or when putting up new lighting. Shop HomElectrical’s selection for a Sylvania recessed light at affordable prices!

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What is a downlight?

Downlights, also known as recessed lights or can lights, typically have a circular design and mount in the ceiling with a low profile. This makes them ideal for large rooms or rooms with lower ceilings, like a basement or kitchen. Recessed downlight kits provide all necessary parts to install downlights.

What are the advantages of a Sylvania LED downlight?

Sylvania, a trusted brand in the lighting industry, produces these high-quality LED downlights. Customize a space using high-performance Sylvania recessed lights and reduce energy use with dimmable lights and kits. Select models are Energy Star rated. Depending on the light kit, manage up to 50% on energy savings.

Some Sylvania LED retrofit kits directly replace compact fluorescent lamps. There is even a SMART downlight, the Sylvania 74281, that is Zigbee compatible which can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet!

What is a Sylvania LED retrofit kit?

When replacing older lights with newer LED bulbs, a kit is required in order to properly work. Retrofit kits include the housing, bulb, and driver and enable use in older fixtures. Installing a retrofit kit is simple. Remove the old bulb and existing trim then replace it with the kit or module. Sylvania also offers integrated bulb and trim downlight retrofit kits which can be seen here.

What Sylvania recessed light kits are available?

When it comes to recessed lighting, you have many different options. Sylvania can light kits can range from 4 in. to 8 in. with many models in the common 5 in. to 6 in. range. They can vary in color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K. Some fixtures come with reflectors and are dimmable. Available downlight selections include stylish lights or more subtle kits. Supplemental products include frames to help retrofit kits into existing ceiling placements. Battery back-up drivers can also be paired with the downlights.

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