Sylvania Light Bulb & Lamp

LEDVANCE Sylvania light bulbs are among the most dependable in the industry. Choose from filament A19 bulbs to LED candelabra to showcase your chandelier. The LED T8 tubes are the perfect choice to retrofit flickering fluorescent tubes. Its energy-efficient and high lumens corn bulbs help you lower your energy bill while lighting up large space.
Sylvania Light Bulb & Lamp

Sylvania LED Tube

Replace old, flickering fluorescent tube lights with an energy efficient alternative with this selection of LED tube lights!

Sylvania BR Bulbs

Sylvania offers LED BR and R bulbs with a selection of color temperatures as well as SMART options to fit in recessed lighting fixtures.

Sylvania Bulb: A15, A21, A19 Lamp

With a variety of color temperature and base options, you can use Sylvania LED A15, A21, or A19 bulbs to fulfill your lighting requirements in offices, restaurants, and residential applications like kitchens and living rooms.

Sylvania PAR Bulb

Uncover a wide selection of long-lasting LED PAR bulbs, including PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 from Sylvania to fit recessed or track lighting needs.

Sylvania MR Bulb

Illuminate offices, art galleries, museums, and more with quality LED MR16 bulbs from Sylvania.

Sylvania Miniature Bulb

Find a wide selection of Sylvania miniature bulbs available with a variety of base options to fit your commercial or residential lighting requirements.

Sylvania PL Bulb

Featuring horizontal or vertical mounting options as well as ballast compatible, plug-and-play options, you can find the LED PL bulb you need from Sylvania.

Sylvania LED Corn Bulb

Shop Sylvania LED corn bulbs to find bulbs with a high lumen output, color temperature options, and select DLC listed bulbs for energy efficiency.

Sylvania Decorative Bulb

Create an elegant and stylish atmosphere with a selection of Sylvania decorative bulbs.

Sylvania Candelabra

Sylvania offers candelabra bulbs, including stylish filament choices, with a bent or candle tip as well as clear, amber, or frosted options.

Sylvania LED Module

Sylvania LED modules feature a narrow profile for installation in tight spaces, such as in accent, task, cove, edge, or under cabinet lighting purposes.

Sylvania Globe: G-type bulb

Illuminate your home, restaurant, bathroom vanity, or decorative even with stylish and efficient Sylvania LED globe bulbs.

What types of LED bulbs does SYLVANIA offer?

LEDVANCE offers a full line of high quality LED replacement bulb for all your lighting needs within its ULTRA LED Lamps family.

Are you looking for an LED equivalent to your traditional 60W incandescent A19 bulb for your table lamp, or a new LED PL bulb for your hotel recessed can light?
Sylvania has what you want with the lamp base that you need.

Replace your inefficient metal halide or HPS bulbs with a new LED Corn Bulb. Give your post light new life and light up your sidewalk with up to 90% energy savings.

Sylvania also offers a complete line of U-bend and Linear LED tubes to retrofit traditional fluorescent tubes in color temperature ranging from 2700K to 5000K.

Why trust Sylvania light bulbs?

With so many different lighting brands available on the market, you want to buy led light bulbs with a long life and high quality. LEDVANCE Sylvania LED lamp has become a trusted brand that has stood behind its products for the last 100 years, and that will stand behind its energy efficient LED bulbs for the next 100 years.
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