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Ready to replace that flickering fluorescent tube light in your office? Browse LEDVANCE Sylvania's selection of LED tube light bulbs! Use these bulbs in hospitals, kitchens, offices, retail spaces, warehouses, and much more. Skip the local store and shop to find the right Sylvania LED tube to light your space!

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What is a LEDVANCE Sylvania LED T8 tube?

Most common types of Sylvania LED tube applications, like troffers, use T8 bulbs. Sylvania T8 LED tubes work as an energy efficient replacement for wasteful fluorescent tubes. LEDVANCE Sylvania T8 lamps come in 2, 4, or 8-foot tube lengths and feature a one-inch diameter. With a wide beam angle, LED tubes work great in places that need consistent lighting, like warehouses, offices, schools, and garages.

Some Sylvania T8 LED tube lights make the switch from fluorescent to LED easy. If the bulb is ballast compatible, you can simply swap out your existing fluorescent tube for a Sylvania LED equivalent in your current fixture without having to change anything!

Where can I use a LEDVANCE Sylvania tube bulb?

A LEDVANCE Sylvania LED tube bulb can see use in a variety of commercial and residential applications. They can see use in schools, offices, kitchens, warehouses, retail stores, and even your home! You must install LED tubes in fixtures with a ballast or in fixtures that bypass the ballast.

Get rid of those old, blown T8 fluorescent bulbs in your restaurant kitchen or the buzzing bulbs in your office space and replace them with an instant start and energy efficient LED option!

What kind of Sylvania LED tube bulbs do you need?

We carry three different styles of LEDVANCE Sylvania tube bulbs: the T5, T8, and U-Bend. T5 tubes offer a small diameter than T8 tube lights at 5/8 of an inch or 0.625 inches around. T8 tubes offer 8/8 inches or 1 inch in diameter. T5 tube lights often see use in cove lighting, display lighting, or indirect lighting applications. Featuring a U-shaped design, U-bend tube bulbs often see use in retail stores, offices, and healthcare facilities.

When choosing the lighting for your space, consider the color temperature as well. Color temperature indicates the color of the light emitted by the bulb. LEDVANCE Sylvania tube bulbs have a color temperature between 3000K-5000K.

  • Warm White: 2700K-3000K
  • Neutral White: 3500K-4500K
  • Daylight White: 5000K-6000K
  • Cool Light: 6500K-7500K

Can you use an LED bulb with a ballast?

When it comes to LED tube bulbs, only certain bulbs can work with a ballast. Ballast compatible (plug-and-play) and hybrid options may connect to an existing ballast. Other connection types that cannot connect to an existing ballast include ballast bypass/direct line voltage and LED driver installation:

  • Ballast compatible - also known as plug-and-play tubes. They're compatible with an existing ballast. You can simply remove the fluorescent tube and replace it with an LED. However, because they still use the existing ballast, the ballast can affect the efficiency of the bulb.
  • Ballast bypass - also known as direct line voltage. The ballast needs to be bypassed for direct line voltage. Ballast free options eliminate flickering and humming but do require rewiring. (Rewiring can pose a safety hazard. We recommend consulting a master electrician for rewiring.)
  • Hybrid - can work with both ballast compatible and ballast bypass installations. They allow you to continue to use the ballast while it still works. Once the ballast fails, you can bypass the ballast for a direct line voltage installation.
  • LED driver - you can find internal or external drivers. Internal drivers come pre-installed in a bulb or fixture and often see use in residential, household lighting. Often used in commercial lighting, external drivers exist separate of the fixture. For more information about LED drivers, check out our blog LED Drivers: What Are They And Which Do I Need?

Why use Sylvania T8 tube lights?

LEDVANCE Sylvania uses advanced LED technology to give you energy saving and cost-effective tube lights. These bulbs offer a wide range of lumens, life hours, and base types to match almost any fixture. Their color temperature options range from a warm white 3000K to 5000K daylight white options.

Additionally, they offer both dimmable and non-dimmable options. Their selection includes length options including 2-ft, 3-ft, 4-ft, and 8-ft options.

They also offer certain lamps, like this 4-ft 13W LED T8 tube, that uses their TruWave Technology. Their TruWave Technology mimics the natural light spectrum while continuing to save you energy.


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