Sylvania Globe: G-type bulb

Looking to add decorative lighting to help make a celebration magical? Need a new bulb for your bathroom vanity? LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a selection of decorative LED globe bulbs to add beauty and style to your space. Browse HomElectrical to find a wide variety of energy efficient Sylvania LED globe lamps, including LED G25 bulbs and more.

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What is a globe LED bulb?

Globe bulbs get their name from their globe-like shape. Their decorative design comes in various diameters. The ‘G’ refers to their globe-like shape while the number following the ‘G’ refers to the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch. For example, G25 bulbs feature a diameter of 25/8 or 3.125 inches.

LEDVANCE Sylvania a few types of globe lamps, including G16.5, G25, and G40.

  • G16.5: 16.5/8ths of an inch OR 2.06-in diameter
  • G25: 25/8ths of an inch OR 3.125-in diameter
  • G40: 40/8ths of an inch OR 5-in diameter

Globe type lamps often come with either an E12 base, called the candelabra base, or an E26 base, the standard medium base. They come in color temperatures ranging from warm, soft white 2700K and 3000K to cool, daylight white 5000K.

You can use LED globe lamps in a variety of applications, including in homes, restaurants, bathroom vanity fixtures, and for decorative occasions, like weddings. The size of the bulb may determine where you want to use it. G16 and G40 LED globes see use in decorative lighting and wall sconces. G25 bulbs stay popular in vanities and household lighting.

When determining where to use the bulb, check for a damp or wet location rating. While a damp location rated bulb make work in spaces like a bathroom, they cannot come in direct contact with water like a wet location rated bulb.

Is an E26 base the same as a medium base?

An E26 base consists of the standard, medium-sized base used in most household lighting fixtures. The letter ‘E’ stands for Edison Screw, the most standard type of base. These types of bases screw into the socket. The number following the ‘E’ refers to the diameter of the base in millimeters. An E26 base measures 26 millimeters, or a little over 1-inch across.

E12 candelabra bases feature a diameter of 12 millimeters, or 0.47 inches. You can often find this base used in chandeliers.

Why use a Sylvania LED Globe bulb?

As a worldwide leader in lighting, LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a high-quality selection of light bulbs and lighting solutions. Their energy efficient LED bulbs come in low wattage options. You can find options like this 5W LED G25 lamp capable of replacing a 60-watt incandescent! This 3.5W LED G25 can replace a 40 watt incandescent.

They also offer lighting, like this 8W LED G25 , which uses their TruWave Technology. TruWave Technology offers lighting designed to mimic the natural light spectrum while saving you energy! Bulbs that use LEDVANCE TruWave Technology help control blue wavelengths of light to lower glare and reduce eye straight. This helps support an improved sleep-wake cycle. They work well in applications where you need realistic vivid colors without sacrificing light output.

Read more about LEDVANCE and TruWave Technology with our blog, LEDVANCE at HomElectrical!

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