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Light up your rooms in style with decorative LED bulbs from LEDVANCE Sylvania! LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a line of vintage style bulbs that would fit a pendant fixture or wall sconce, as well as fun specialty bulbs that would look great in a vanity. Skip the local store when you shop HomElectrical to find the LED decorative bulbs you need to brighten your space!

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What are considered decorative bulbs?

Often overlooked, light bulbs provide those small details that improve the design of your space. Decorative bulbs offer a stylish and unique twist to the traditional light bulb design. They can feature unique shapes, like this 2W LED star shape, or vintage designs like their selection of LED filament bulbs. Decorative lamps work well in fixtures with exposed bulbs to create a distinct style and ambiance.

You can often find vintage style lamps, known as an Edison bulb, as well as bulbs with unique designs. They can also include globe bulbs, mini globes, bulbs with silver crowns, amber glass lamps, and more.

Filament, or Edison, light bulbs, use a vintage design that appears similar to old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. Unlike inefficient incandescent bulbs, however, LED filament bulbs use LED technology for their internal filament. That way, you can enjoy the stylish design of incandescent lamps while benefitting from energy saving LED!

Why choose Sylvania decorative bulbs?

As a worldwide leader, LEDVANCE makes innovative lighting products. LEDVANCE Sylvania provides high-quality lamps and lighting fixtures with exceptional performance. They offer a wide variety of lighting products and bulbs, including LED light bulbs, indoor and outdoor fixtures, work lights, and lighting controls.

Their decorative light bulbs range in style from LED ST19 bulbs, ED28 bulbs, spiral filament bulbs, and decorative star-shaped bulbs. Many of their lamps work best in indoor applications so you can create a fun atmosphere or vintage ambiance.

LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a wide variety of bulbs. You can find options like the 26W Ultra LED ED28 bulbs that work in open and enclosed fixtures. Their 4.5W filament ST19 bulb works in downlights, pendant lights, table lamps, and wall sconces. Additionally, this bulb is suitable for damp locations.

For more decorative bulb options, you can also shop Sylvania globe bulbs!

What is the color temperature of a light bulb?

The color temperature indicates how warm or cool the color of the light emitted by light bulb appears. For residential lights, they commonly range between 2700K-5000K. The lower the color temperature, the warmer, or more yellow the color temperature appears. The higher the color temperature, the cooler, or bluer, the color temperature appears.

2700K color temperatures appear as a warm white, almost yellow, light that provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere. They often work well in residential applications, like in living rooms or bedrooms.

3000K color temperatures appear as a warm white light that provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This light also works well in residential applications.

4000K temperatures provide a brighter white that works well for task lighting. Use them in kitchens and other places where you perform tasks.

5000K provides a cool, crisp white that mimics daylight. It works well in workplaces and commercial applications.

Some decorative bulbs come in lower color temperatures to provide a warmer ambiance. Sylvania offers some options, like this 6.5W LED Filament ST19 bulb, which feature a lower color temperature. It offers a warm 2175K color temperature that appears warmer, or more yellow, than 2700K.

Why should you choose LED?

Though incandescent light bulbs dominated the lighting industry for many years, LED lights have taken over as the most energy efficient lighting option on the market. Incandescent lights are inefficient in comparison. Where you might find a 60 watt incandescent bulb, an equivalent LED can use as low as 10 watts. Though they may cost a bit more, LEDs make up for it by saving you money on your energy bill!

Additionally, LEDs offer a much longer lifespan. They can usually last about 15-25,000 life hours while an incandescent bulb can typically only offer about 1,000 hours.

Learn more about the benefits of LED with our blog CFL's vs. Halogen vs. Fluorescent vs. Incandescent vs. LED!

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